Meet the Mentors

2013-2014 Mentors

Name: Ashlyn "AJ" Bailey
Year: Sophomore
Bio: I’m African American and from Chicago. I’m a Journalism Major in the College of Communications, and a first-generation college student. My aunt made that creepy doll in the picture to embarrass me at graduation. 
Favorite MU activity: I loved the Headphone Disco MU has at the beginning of the year. It's different and brings people together through awkward behavior ("dance moves") and music. 
As a mentor: I hope to help other students at MU feel at home on campus while also helping to spread cultural diversity and appreciate it at Marquette, as well as Milwaukee.

Name: Jasleen Bhasin
Year: Senior
Bio: I was born in New Delhi, India, but at the age of 9, I moved to Mexico City. My parents are still in Mexico and thus I am an international student here at Marquette. Also, I belong to the Sikh community! Therefore, I can connect with SUSTAIN community by being a student of color and by belonging to the diverse minority religious community of Sikhism. One fun fact about me is that I can speak 4 languages :)
Favorite professor: One of the best professors I have ever had here at Marquette is Professor Ow, from the IT department. He truly cares about the success of each of his students and is always reaching out to us, to give advice and keep us updated with career opportunities! Also, he is one of the teachers with the best personality.
As a mentor: I will be a friend who my mentee(s) can always trust and can come to for any reason! :) I will always be there and support my mentee(s) by motivating him/her to get involved to have leadership and social experiences that will make him/her feel included and at home throughout their journey here at Marquette. :)

Name: Aaron Bledsoe
Year: Fifth Year Senior
Bio: I am a senior saved by grace. I'm majoring in Broadcast and Electronic Communication with a minor in Social Welfare and Justice. I am a positive individual with unlimited laughter and a vibrant spirit. My different leadership roles on campus have shown that I've always been in favor of supporting those around me and achieving the greater good. I have several identities within the SUSTAIN community, and I take pride in being an African American, first-generation male at such a prestigious institution. I've learned to embrace my differences and use them as my strengths while at Marquette, and I hope to encourage more individuals to do the same!
Best MU Experience: Going on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage 2012 was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I was able to go places I've never gone before and I learned about different things that aren't always covered in the classroom. The most rewarding part of the trip was building relationships with my other classmates throughout the journey.
As a mentor: I hope to remind the Protégés that the different identities they possess should be celebrated and used to enhance their journey through Marquette University. I want to help them realize that people who are a part of underrepresented communities shouldn't be afraid to stand out and become leaders around campus. Life as a college undergraduate is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to make sure that they're able to enjoy every minute of it!

Name: Krystal Clayton
Year: Sophomore
Bio: I'm from a town called Park Forest in the south suburbs of Chicago.  I love to play volleyball, football, and dance. I'm very excited to be a mentor.  I had a great mentor last year when I was a freshman and I hope to be the same for someone else.
Favorite class: My favorite class and professor I have taken so far at Marquette has to be Communications 1200 Media in Society with Professor Nettleton.  She is really great. She has a lot of experience in media and makes the class and work interesting.
As a mentor: I want to make the new students feel comfortable where they are, be a support system and help any way I can to make it a smooth transition into college.

Name: Dora Drake
Year: Junior
Bio: I was born and raised in Milwaukee and I'm the oldest of four siblings (one sister and three brothers). I am majoring in Social Welfare and Justice and plan to go to graduate school for nursing. I am a black, first-generation, female student and coming to Marquette has definitely challenged me to reach farther and stretch myself in school and life as well, and still continues to stretch me. But besides school, I love music. I love to sing and I play guitar and piano and I love hanging out with friends and love to have fun.
Favorite professor: My favorite professor so far is Dr. Joseph Ogbonnaya. He taught Christian Faith in Cultural Contexts last Spring semester and his approach made the class really enjoyable. He encouraged discussion and even shared some of his personal experiences with our class. Overall, he's a really cool professor.
As a mentor: I hope to learn about my protégé(s) and advise them in the best way possible. I also want to help the incoming freshman get engaged in Marquette's community and make them feel welcomed. And as I learn about the protégé(s) I hope I also learn from them as well. Through this program I hope it helps the incoming freshman engage more in Marquette's community and further promote unity at Marquette.

Name: Jovonna Dunson
Year: Junior
Bio: My hometown is Freeport, IL.  Fun fact: our high school mascot is a pretzel!  Something you may not know just by looking at me is that I love to meet knew people, try new things, and learn trivia fun facts.
Favorite class: Psych 1001 is my favorite class thus far because I learned a lot about the reasoning behind why people think and behave the way they do, and it's quite interesting to me.
As a mentor: I want to be someone you can relate to, confide in, and have fun with. Life is an adventure, let's explore together!

Name: Judy Ifarinde
Year: Senior
Bio: I am Nigerian. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI but moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 17. I am the oldest of five children. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I grew up in the church. My faith in the Lord is my strength for each day. 
Favorite Class: My favorite class at Marquette so far was Theology 1001 with Lee Sytsma. I learned so much about Christianity and the Bible from what caused the division in the church to how religion and faith are not the same thing. I highly recommend this class with this professor.
Best MU experience: My best MU experience thus far will have to be the when Marquette plays Madison in basketball. It is such a great experience to have. It is a great feeling to see all of Marquette come together as one, saying 'WE ARE MARQUETTE'.
As a mentor: I plan to support and strengthen my protégée’s transition into college while promoting unity through diversity as a student at Marquette.

Name: Angeles Menes Ronces
Year: Junior
Bio: I am in the college of business and am majoring in Accounting. I think that what connects me to SUSTAIN is that I like to help people in any way I can and mentoring is a form of helping. Mentoring means that I get to tell my experience to others and hope that it will help them throughout their college years, but it also means that I can learn more through my experiences with the protégés.  
Favorite Class: My favorite class I have taken at MU has been the philosophy of ethics class. The professor linked the topic to different movies and kept me interested in the class and what we where studying. Also, she was able to connect the topics to real life experiences, which helped me become more analytical and focused in my studies.
As a mentor: I want to be someone that can help protégés acclimate to a new social and educational environment. Also, along with the other mentors, I want to help create a community in which the protégés feel welcomed and where they can start their new college family.

Name: Anna Ogunkunle
Year: Junior
Bio: I'm a Milwaukee resident but a Nigerian native. I am majoring in Public Relations & Spanish. I am a Marquette University Resident Assistant.
Favorite Class: My favorite classes were History 1001 & 1002. I really liked the classes because of the professor and how passionate he was about the subject. He talked about things we hadn't learned in high school and read interesting books. I like history so having a teacher who was passionate about the subject made it more fun to learn.
As a mentor: I hope to be a role model and leader to my mentee. I want to give my mentee the help many students didn't have when they first came to Marquette. I hope to also expose my mentee to the different organizations on campus so he/she can find a niche on campus. My job as a mentor is to be there as a support system for my mentee whenever needed.

Name: Netta Pierce
Year: Sophomore
Bio: I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I grew up around the Rufus King neighborhood & that high school is also my alma mater. I am the first generation college student in my family and I come from a disadvantaged background. 
Favorite class: General Chemistry 1002 with Professor Dr. Ivanova! She is the funniest Chemistry teacher I've ever had and she always has energy and tells the funniest jokes! Her thick accent sometimes made it hard to understand her, but she was the best professor from my freshman year!
As a mentor: I want to be my protégé’s backbone. I did not have someone I could talk to (that was around my age) and thus once I met my best friend I began to realize how important it is to have someone that is around your age group helping you through the most difficult times you can encounter in college. I want to be a big sister to whomever I am paired with. Think of me along with the other mentors in the SUSTAIN program as the protégé’s family away from home! :-)

Name: Courtney Robinson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Clinical Lab Sciences

Name: Curtesia Robinson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Corporate Communications

Name: Levi Sherriff
Year: Sophomore 
Bio: I’m from Forest Park, IL. One thing you wouldn't know just by looking at me is that I'm Jamaican.
Favorite Class: Sociology with Dr. Williams. She was always full of energy and told funny stories.
As a mentor: I want to be able to make the transition from high school to college easier for my protégé. I found having a mentor was very helpful and resourceful. I would be able to show my protégé all Marquette has to offer.

Name: Ivette Zuniga
Year: Junior
Bio: I grew up in Milwaukee. Growing up, I was surrounded by peers of various different cultures. Even though I am not first generation myself, a lot of my close family and friends are and so I've seen how hard it is for them sometimes and there is nothing that I like more than to be able to help in any way I can. Just by looking at me, a person wouldn't know that I have traveled and learned about so many different cultures this semester.
Favorite Class: Spanish Literature with Prof. Raquel Aguilu de Murphy because it was one of the few classes that I felt like I really knew the professor and I always looked forward to conversations in class.
As a mentor: I want to provide my first year students with the tools they need to succeed and reach any goals he or she sets for him or herself. I also want to build a relationship in which they know that I am always available to them for whatever they need.