Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences leadership

Dr. Richard Holz

Dr. Rosemary Stuart
Associate Dean for Research and Experiential Learning

Mary Dunnwald
Associate Dean for Academic Business Affairs

Dr. James South
Associate Dean of Faculty

Dr. Susanne Foster
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Kristy Nielson

Associate Dean of Recruitment and Continuing Education

Mary Minson
Senior Assistant Dean of Advising

Pauline Thomas
Director of Student Records

Lt. Col. Christopher Van Hoof
Aerospace Studies — Commanding Officer

Dr. Ed Blumenthal
Biological Sciences — Chair

Dr. Scott Reid
Chemistry — Chair

Dr. Sarah Wadsworth
English — Chair

Dr. Anne Pasero
Foreign Languages and Literatures — Chair

Dr. James Marten
History — Chair

Dr. Amelia Zurcher
Honors Program — Director

Dr. Rebecca Sanders
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science — Chair

Lt. Col Ioannis Kiriazis
Military Science — Commanding Office

Captain Daniel F. Olson
Naval Science — Commanding Officer

Rev. John D. Jones
Philosophy - Interim Chair

Dr. Brian Bennett
Physics — Chair

Dr. Lowell Barrington
Political Science — Chair

Dr. John Grych
Psychology — Chair

Dr. Jane Peterson
Social and Cultural Sciences — Chair

Dr. Robert Masson
Theology — Chair