Telling Our Story

The Division of Student Affairs Marketing and Graphics Office can assist staff within the division in promoting their programs and events. We can provide the following:

In-house Resources

  1. Large format printer for printing posters; typical sizes are:
    • 20 x 30” (fits on the std. foam board size)
    • 24 x 36”
    • 36 x 54 (typical AMU banner size); max banner size allowed by AMU is 40 x 60” but we typically stock 36” paper, standard universal bond paper
  2. Copy machine that can print in color (and is located in OSD 121)—all colored copies are $0.45 each and get billed to OSD’s budget. Typical sizes are:
    • Letter size paper 8.5 x 11”
    • Legal size paper 8.5 x 14”
    • Tabloid size paper 11 x 17”

This means we can print quarter sheets, half-sheets, tri-sheets, table tents, etc. as long as they fit on the paper sizes above. Anything that can be printed on a copier, we can do.

NOTE: We will NOT do cutting and trimming of materials.

What we cannot print in-house is as follows:

But we can get the artwork and files ready for printing at an outside vendor. And we can coordinate printing with that vendor if you wish. You will be responsible for arranging payment with that vendor, however.

Please read the Division of Student Affairs Publication Guidelines to learn what the process is for requesting help with your project.

If you have question, feel free to email us:

Request a project.


Wellness Resources

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