Are You Ready To Vote?

Marquette University encourages our students to take part in the election process. Students eligible under state and federal law will have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming Primary Election (August 12, 2014) and the Fall General Election (November 4, 2014).

A list of campus voting locations is on the right side of this page.

Registering to vote

Voters who register to vote on Election Day will have to provide a proof of residence document. Students who chose to use their Marquette ID as a proof of residency document must also provide a university fee payment receipt dated within nine months.  Go to to see a list of other acceptable proof of residence documents.

All other election rules still apply, including signing the poll book and residing in the ward for 28 days to vote at the site. For more information please see the student residency guide.

If you have registered to vote, you can verify your registration and polling location online.

The National Mail Voter Registration Form is also available for student use and additional information may be accessed online.

Eligibility requirements:

Voting in Wisconsin is limited to U.S. citizens who are at least 18 years old on election day, who are residents for 28 consecutive days or more of the district or ward where an election is being held, and who are not currently serving a sentence (including probation or parole) for a felony conviction.


Absentee voting:

You may instead decide to vote absentee using your home address.  To learn more about absentee voting, visit Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board or your hometown’s election commission website.

According to the Federal Student Aid Program, this information is posted to comply with Section 487(a)(23) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that references the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) and requires higher education institutes to distribute voter registration forms to their students.

Please continue to check back to this website for further updates



City of Milwaukee voting locations

City of Milwaukee Election Commission

Information on voting outside Milwaukee (Wisconsin and the rest of the United States)

State of Wisconsin Voter ID information

Government Accountability Board


For information about this site or other voting information for Marquette:

Please call the Office of Public Affairs at (414) 288-7491.



The following list includes polling sites for common on-campus residences and off-campus apartment complexes. You can also download a PDF map of these sites in relation to campus.

District 4, Ward 187:
Polling Site: Central Library, Centennial Hall; 733 N. Eighth St.
- St. James Court

- Straz Tower

District 4, Ward 190:
Polling Site: Alumni Memorial Union

- 601 N. 20th St.

- 611 N. 20th St.

- 2217 W. Wisconsin Ave.

- Abbottsford Hall

- The Abode East

- Campus East

- Campus Place

- Campus Studio

- Campus Union

- Campus West

- Carpenter Tower
- Catholic Financial Life

- Clybourn Place

- Cobeen Hall
- Davis House
- Gatehouse Apartments

- Maryland Courts

- The Patrician
- The Reeves
- Rowhouse

- Schroeder Hall
- Strack I

- Trimbourn Mansion

District 4, Ward 191:
Polling Site: Alumni Memorial Union
- 2040 Lofts

- Ardmore Apartments

- Frenn Building

- Gilman Building

- Humphrey Apartments

- Mashuda Hall

- McCabe Hall

- McCormick Hall

- O'Donnell Hall

- The Sovereign

District 4, Ward 192:
Polling Site: Alumni Memorial Union
- The Abode
- Campus Central

- Campus Court

- Campus Town
- Kensington
- Marquette I and II

- Montecristo

- The Nicole
- Renee Row
- Strack II

- Tim's Place

- Varsity Apartments

District 4, Ward 194:
Polling Site: Grand Avenue Middle School, 2430 W. Wisconsin Ave.
- Venice Court

- Most Campus Community Apartments, except where noted

District 4, Ward 196:
Polling Site: Merrill Park Apartments; 222 N. 33rd St.
- 2311, 2335, 2435 W. Wisconsin Ave.