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Milwaukee County began caring for the health and welfare of its residents well before the Civil War, with the establishment of the County Poor Farm, the Home for Dependent Children, and other county-supported institutions created to deal with the least fortunate of the county's youngsters. Other institutions devoted to child welfare included Children's Hospital and a number of sectarian orphanages. Milwaukee reformers joined thousands of men and women around the country in working to create safe playgrounds, healthy housing, and a rational juvenile court system for young people. "Health and Welfare" will offer information on these and other institutions and organizations that sought to improve the living conditions of children. But the section will also show the myriad dangers and difficulties facing children -- epidemics, violence, and neglect, to name a few -- throughout the county's history.

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A polio victim is fitted for a leg brace, ca. 1950. Courtesy Milwaukee County Historical Society.

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