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"Just as today children lead us into the computer age," writes David Nasaw in Children of the City, "years ago they led the way into the 20th century. In cities where the majority of adults had been raised in the countryside, it was the children who were the most comfortable, the most adaptable, the most competent." Children were the first true urbanites and their histories are tightly bound to the history of American cities.

Welcome to the Children in Urban America Project, an online archive funded by Marquette University and the National Endowment for the Humanities that shows the many ways children experienced city life during the last century and a half. Designed for use by teachers, students, historians, and general users, the site features hundreds of documents and images about children in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, drawn from newspapers, government and other official records, oral histories and memoirs, and many other sources. If you're a first-time user, please select "How to use this site," where you will find out more about the project and how to find newspaper articles, memoirs and other documents. Otherwise, feel free to begin your child's-eye journey through the history of Milwaukee.

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"Riverwest," by Milwaukee artist David M. Lenz. Oil on linen, 41" X 54", 1990.

More oil paintings by David M. Lenz

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