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Children in Urban America

Bibliographies for grades four through twelve
This bibliography -- a list of books that talk about specific things -- will give you a starting place for reading more about many of the topics in the Children in Urban America Project. We have also listed other books that don't quite fit into those subjects. The first set of books includes those written for younger readers, about grades four through eight. The second, shorter, list of books is for high-school-age readers. If you have a favorite book about children in history, about living in cities, or about any topic in history, please send us an e-mail with the author, title, and the year it was published so we can share it with other users of the site.



Janet P. Cave, African Americans: Voices of Triumph (1993)

Catherine Chambers, History of Emigration from Africa (1997)

Vincent Harding, We Changed the World, African Americans, 1945-1970

Kelly King Howes, Harlem Renaissance (2000)

Sondra Leiman, America: The Jewish Experience (1994)

Ellen Levine, Freedom's Children: Young Civil Rights Activists Tell Their Own Stories (2000)

--, If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King (1994)

Nancy I. Sanders, A Kid's Guide to African American History (2000)

Young Oxford History of African Americans:

--Though Justice Sleeps, 1880-1900

--A Chance to Make Good, 1900-1929

--From Raw Deal to a New Deal, 1929-1945

--Into the Fire, Since 1970


Gene Brown, The Nation in Turmoil: Civil Rights and the Vietnam War (1995)

Children's History of the Twentieth Century (1999)

Judith Condon, The Nineties (2000)

Joy Hakim, The History of US (1999):

--An Age of Extremes, 1870-1917

--War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945

--All the People, 1945-1998

Peter Jennings, The Century for Young People (1999)

Amy Leibowitz, Law and Order in the 20th Century (1998)

Isobel Morin, Politics, American Style (1999)

Jim Murphy, The Great Fire (1995)

Stewart Ross, Oxford Children's Book of the 20th Century (1999)

R. Conrad Stein, The Great Depression (1994)

Evelyn Toynton, Growing Up in America, 1830 to 1860 (1995)

Laura Wilson, Daily Life in a Victorian Home (1993)

Adam Woong, The 1900s (1999)


Caroline Arnold, Children of the Settlement Houses (1998)

Laura B. Edge, A Personal Tour of Hull-House (2000)

Teresa Garlake, Poverty: Changing Attitudes, 1900-2000 (2000)

David Getz, Purple Death: The Mysterious Flu of 1918 (2000)

Richard Wormser, American Childhoods: Three Centuries of Youth at Risk (1996)


Peter Kent, A Slice Through a City (1996)

David C. King, World War II Days (2000)

Maureen Taylor, Through the Eyes of Your Ancestors (1999)

David L. Weitzman, My Back Yard History Book (1975)


Leslie Brody, ed., Daughters of Kings: Growing up as a Jewish Woman in America (1997)

Seamus Cavan, The Irish-American Experience (1993)

Christopher Collier, A Century of Immigration, 1820-1924 (2000)

Kathleen Fahey, The Italians (2000)

Steven Fine, Where God Dwells: A Child's History of the Synagogue (1999)

Russell Freedman, Immigrant Kids (1995)

Dorothy Hobbler, The German American Family Album (1996)

--, The Mexican American Family Album (1998)

--, The Scandinavian American Family Album (1997)

Sarah Horrell, History of Emigration from Eastern Europe (1998)

William J. Jacobs, Ellis Island (1990)

Veronica Lawler, ed., I Was Dreaming to Come to America: Memories from the Ellis Island Oral History Project (1995)

Ellen Levine, If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island (1994)

Howard Muggamin, The Jewish Americans (1995)

Greg Nickles, The Hispanics (2000)

Katherine Prior, History of Emigration from China and South-East Asia (1997)

--, History of Emigration from Ireland (1998)

--, History of Emigration from Italy (1998)

David Reimers, Land of Immigrants (1995)

Sylvia Whitman, Immigrant Children (2000)

Richard Wormser, American Islam: Growing up Muslim in America (1994)


Judy Alter, Amusement Parks : Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, and Cotton Candy (1997)

Dave Anderson, The Story of Basketball (1997)

Jim Haskins, One Nation Under a Groove: Rap Music and Its Roots (2000)

Bob Italia, Milwaukee Brewers (1997)

--, Milwaukee Bucks (1997)

Bobbie Kalman, Games from Long Ago (1995)

--, Old Time Toys (1995)

--, Victorian Christmas (1996)

Fredrick McKissack, Jr. Black Hoops: The History of African Americans in Basketball (1997)

Chris Oxlade, Toys (Through Time), (1996)

Lawrence Ritter, The Story of Baseball (1999)

Philip Steele, Toys and Games (2000)

Don L. Wulftson, Toys: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions (2000)



Gene Brown, The Struggle to Grow: Expansion and Industrialization, 1880-1913 (1995)

Christopher Collier, The Rise of the Cities, 1820-1920 (2000)

James Haskins, Out of the Darkness: The Story of Blacks Moving North, 1890-1940 (2000)

Bobbie Kalman, Early City Life (1983)

Albert Lorenz, Metropolis: Ten Cities, Ten Centuries (1996)

Dietrich Neumann, Joe and the Skyscraper: The Empire State Building in New York City (1999)

Garez Thompson, et al, Cities: The Building of America (1997)


Penny Coleman, Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America (2000)

--, Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II (1998)

Dorothy Hobbler, Real American Girls Tell Their Own Stories (1999)

Bobbie Kalman, 19th Century Girls and Women (1997)

Fiona MacDonald, Women in 19th Century America (1999)

--, Women in Peace & War, 1900-1945 (2000)

--, Women in a Changing World, 1945-2000 (2000)


Susan Bartoletti, Kids on Strike! (1999)

Stephen Currie, We Have Marched Together: The Working Children's Crusade (1997)

Russell Freedman, Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor (1994)

Victoria Sherrow, The Triangle Factory Fire (1995)

The Life in America 100 Years Ago Series covers a number of different topics: Geraldine Gan, Communication (1997) Linda Leuzzi, Education, 1998 John C. Havens, Government and Politics, 1997 David Ritchie, et al, Health and Medicine (1996) Linda Leuzzi, Industry and Business (1997) James Ciment, Law and Order (1995) Jim Barmeier, et al Manners and Customs (1996) David Ritchie, Sports & Recreation (1996) David Richie, et al, Transportation (1995) Linda Leuzzi, Urban Life (1995)

High schoolers may want to check both the scholarly bibliography and the bibliography for younger readers. What follows are books intended for "young adult" readers; most fall into fairly general categories.


Keny Candaele, Bound for Glory, 1910-1930: From the Great Migration to the Harlem Renaissance (1996)

Maurice Isserman, Journey to Freedom: The African-American Great Migration (1997)

Jay P. Pederson, African American Breakthroughs: 500 Years of Black Firsts (1994)

Ray Spangenburg, The African American Experiece (1997)

Carole Boston Weatherford, The African-American Struggle for Legal Equality in American History (2000)

Michael Weber, The African American Civil Rights Movement (1998)

Robert Weisbrot, Marching Toward Freedom, 1957-1965 (1994)


Dan Epstein, The 50's: 20th Century Pop Culture (2000)

--, The 60's: 20th Century Pop Culture (2000)

--, The 70's: 20th Century Pop Culture (2000)

--, The 80's: 20th Century Pop Culture (2000)

--, The 90's: 20th Century Pop Culture (2000)

Stephen Feinstein The 1950s: From the Korean War to Elvis (2000)

--, The 1960s from the Vietnam to Flower Power (2000)

Erica Hanson, The 1920s: A Cultural History of the United States (1999)

Stuart A. Kallen, The 1990s: A Cultural History of the United States (1999)

Randi Reisfeld, This Is the Sound!: The Best of Alternative Rock (1996)

Gail Stewart, The 1970s: A Cultural History of the United States (1999)

Michael V. Uschan, The 1910s: A Cultural History of the United States (1999)

Adam Woog, The History of Rock and Roll (1999)


Tricia Andryszewski, Immigration: Newcomers and Their Impact on the United States (1995)

J. Bonasia, American Politics in the 20th Century (2000)

Rosemary K. Coffey, America As Story: Historical Fiction for Middle and Secondary Schools (1997)

Samuel Willard Crompton, 100 Americans Who Shaped American History (1999)

Charles Dollars, American Issues: A Documentary Reader (1994)

Edwin S. Gaustad, Church and State in America (1998)

Mark A. Noll, Protestants in America (2000)

Judy Potts, Adventure Tales of America: An Illustrated History of the United States, 1492-1877 (2000)

Donald Ritchie, American History: Modern Era Since 1865 (1998)

George Sullivan , 100 Years in Photographs (1999)

J. William T. Youngs, American Realities: Historical Episodes from Reconstruction to the Present (1997)


Barbara J. Berg, The Women's Movement and Young Women Today: A Hot Issue (2000)

Sarah Betsy Fuller, Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier: Censorship in School Newspapers (1998)

Marcia Satterthwaite, Juvenile Crime (1997)

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