To edit members of a Distribution group, navigate to and login with your Marquette email address and password. Select Mail.

  1. Click or tap the Gear icon (top right) and then search for Mail.
    Click or tap Mail.

    Gear icon shows top right.
  2. Click or tap General (a) > Distribution groups (b) to show "Distribution groups I belong to" and "Distribution groups I own."
    Select a distribution group that you own (c) and click or tap the pencil icon (d) to edit.

    Distribution lists you belong to and distribution groups you own show in the middle pane.
  3. Click or tap membership on the left pane.

    • To add a member to the group, click + and search for the person in the Global Address List.
    • To remove a member, select the person's name and click -.
    • Click or tap Save.

      Select membership on the left pane and + to add a name in the middle pane.

Contact the IT Services TechSquad for assistance.