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A: Alaska

B: Barnaby Mission (Colville Reservation, Washington), Benedictines, Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions

C:Catholic Sioux Congress, Chapels, Cherokee Indians, Children-Native Americans, Choctaw Indians

D:Dakota [Lakota, Sioux, Brulé, Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sincangu, Sans Arc, Santee, Sisseton, Wahpeton], Donations/Needs

E: Exhibits

F: Fire and Natural Disasters, Franciscans (O.F.M.)

H: Holy Family Mission (Blackfoot Reservation, Montana), Holy Name Mission (Marquette, Michigan), Holy Rosary Mission (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota)

I: Immaculate Conception Mission (Crow Creek Reservation, South Dakota)

J: Jesuits (S.J.)

M: Martyrs, Marquette League-Financial Reports, Marquette League-"Marquette Boys," Marquette League-Leadership, Marquette League-News, Mescalero Apache Indians, Mission Work (Evangelization)

N: Navajo, Native Americans-Catechists/ Priests/ Laity

O: Obituaries

P: Prayer/Poetry, Potawatomi [Pottawatomie] Indians, Publications

Q: Quapaw Indians

S: Sacred Heart Mission (Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota), Schools-Catholic, Seven Dolors Mission (Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota), Sisters of Saint Francis (O.S.F.), St. Andrew’s Mission (Umatilla Reservation, Oregon), St. Benedict’s Mission (Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota), St. Francis Mission (Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota), St. Ignatius Mission (Flathead Reservation, Montana), St. John’s Mission (Gila River Reservation, Arizona), St. Joseph’s Mission (Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho), St. Labre’s Mission (Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana), St. Mary’s Mission (Colville Reservation, Washington), St. Michael’s Mission (Navajo Reservation, Arizona), St. Paul's Mission (Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana), St. Stephen’s Mission (Wind River Reservation, Wyoming), St. Xavier Mission (Crow Reservation, Montana)

T: Tekakwitha, Kateri, Tekakwitha Conference, Tohono O'odham [Papago] Indians

U: United States Government

Y: Yuma Indians

W: World War II War Efforts