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Spring issue = February to April; Summer issue = July to August; Autumn issue = August to October; Winter issue = November to February; 40th Anniversary Number = May, 1944
November 1914, Pgs. 1-2, "Death of Theodore E. Tack," Staff
April 1915, Pg. 1, "Death of Noted Jesuit Missionary: Father Specht, S.J.," Staff
July 1915, Pg. 1, Death of Right Reverend Monsignor Denis J. McMahon, D.D.," Staff
July 1915, Pg. 4, "In Memoriam," Staff
November 1915, Pg. 1, "Death of Andrew J. Shipman and Death of Richard L. Walsh," Staff    
July, 1916, Pg. 4, "Death of Father De Rouge," Reverend Celestine Caldi, S.J.
December, 1918, Pg. 1, "John W. Devoy," Staff
May, 1920, Pg. 1, "Eugene A. Philbin-Died March 14, 1920," Staff
February, 1924, Pgs. 3-4, "Father Gerome O.S.B. Dies," Staff
February, 1924, Pg. 4, "Frozen To Death In Alaska-Fr. Frederick J. Ruppert, S.J.," Staff
February, 1929, Pg. 4, "In Memoriam-Rev. Aloysius Vrebosch, S.J.," Staff

Obituaries, continued
February, 1931, Pg. 2 & 4, "Tragedy of "The Marquette Missionary," Reverend William J. Flynn          
February, 1932, Pg. 1, "Death Comes for a Generous Benefactor (Henry Heide)," Staff
May, 1932, Pg. 4, "In Memoriam," Staff
May, 1934, Pg. 4, "League Mourns Death of One of Its Directors," Reverend William J. Flynn
February, 1935, Pg.1, "Death Claims a Great Priest: A Faithful Director of the Marquette League (Rev. Monsignor John P. Chidwick, D.D.)," Staff
October, 1936, Pg. 4, "Obituaries: Rev. Aloysius J. Keel, S.J.," Staff
February, 1937, Pg. 1, "Monsignor Flynn," Staff
May, 1937, Pg. 2, "Charles A. Webber Passes Away," Staff
July, 1937, "League Mourns Death of Two of Its Co-founders," Staff
February, 1938, Pg. 4"Sister Norberta," Staff
February, 1938, "Pg. 5, "God Calls a Fervent Missionary Unto Himself: Father Lucchesi, S.J.," Staff

Obituaries, continued
February, 1938, Pg. 8, "Fray Miguel," Reverend Brendan Larnen, O.P.
May, 1938, Pg. 2, "Monsignor Quinn Passes Away," Staff
July, 1938, Pg. 5, "Rev. Br. Hansen, S.J. RIP," Reverend Edward J. Cunningham, S.J.
October, 1938, Pg. 3, "Death Comes for "The Cardinal of the Missions," Staff
May, 1940, Pg. 10, Heroic Death: Rev. Aloysius F. Coogan," Staff
February, 1941, Pg. 9, "Veteran Missionary Dies-Fr. John B. Sifton, S.J.," Staff
July, 1941, Pg. 8, "Famed Franciscan Indian Missionary Dies-Fr. Arnold Heinzmann, O.F.M.," Staff
May, 1943, Pg. 9, "Most. Rev. Rudolph A. Gerken, D.D.," Staff
November, 1943, Pgs. 2-3, "Grandma (Whitetallow) is dead!" Staff
February, 1945, Pg. 14, "Frank Fog of the Old West," Reverend Daniel Madlon, O.S.B. 
August, 1945, Pg. 3, "Beloved Bishop Crimont Passes," Staff

Obituaries, continued
May, 1946, Pg. 10, "Tribute-Father Aloysius Hitta," Staff
May, 1946, Pg. 11, "Mrs. Houle," Staff
February, 1947, Pg. 16, "They Mourn His Loss-Rev. Louis Goll, S.J.," Reverend Robert M. Demeyer, S.J. 
November, 1948, Pgs. 19, "Rev. Sylvester Eisenman, O.S.B.," Staff
February, 1949, Pg. 18, "Ever Bright Light Passes-Rev. John J. Wynne Dies," Staff
February, 1951, Pgs. 18-19, "We Mourn Their Passing-Henry Heide Jr. and Robert McManamy," Staff
November, 1954, Pgs. 9-11, "High Eagle Has Gone-Rev. J.A. Zimmerman, S.J.," John M. Scott, S.J.
May, 1957, Pgs. 10-13, "Death of a Missionary-Fr. Emile T. Boll, S.J.," Staff