Scope and Content. The Raynor Memorial Libraries Website Snapshots Series comprises the content of the public website designed to disseminate information to prospective and current students, faculty and staff, and the general public. The Website Snapshots Series includes a website created to document the construction of the John P. Raynor, S.J., Library (2001-2003), and the renovation of Memorial Library (2003-2004).

Processing Note. The Raynor Memorial Libraries website was captured by the University Archives via direct transfer of files from the library server to CD. The original structure and presentation of the website have been maintained. Researchers should note that the files linked from other domains (external to the marquette.edu as well as content outside the marquette.edu/library domain) was not captured. However, URLs to original content are generally maintained in the HTML code.

The researcher should note that some of the files referenced in the HTML code are not available (i.e. are broken). This may be due to a change in the URL since the time the file was originally linked, faulty coding on the part of the designer, or the inability of University Archives to capture the file for a variety of reasons, including copyright restrictions.

Navigation. The Website Snapshots Series is accessible via CD in the University Archives reading room. Researchers can enter the archived website via the main homepage on the CD (index.html) or through any of the files within the directories on the CD. Once one of the files has been opened, the researcher may use the functionality of the browser (e.g. Back, Find, Print) to navigate within the archived website.

Series Box Folder Title
A-10.1 19 CD-1 Website Documenting Construction of John P. Raynor, S.J., Library (2001-2003) and Renovation of Memorial Library (2003-2004), captured November 9, 2004 (1 CD)