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Marquette neighborhood expectations

Developed by the Marquette Neighborhood Landlord Tenant Council and sponsored by the Office of University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services: (414) 288-7281.

  1. This is our neighborhood. We must work together to keep it a positive and safe place to live. The quality of life in our neighborhood depends on mutual respect and concern.
  2. Noise can be an intrusion and attract uninvited guests to gatherings. Music from any source, especially parties, is too loud if it can be heard outside the apartment or house from which it is coming. Please be respectful of your neighbors.
  3. If neighbors choose to host parties, they should do so in a responsible manner. They should keep their gatherings small, inviting only guests they know. If alcohol is being served, hosts should ensure that no underage guests are consuming alcohol and that their gatherings are under control at all times. Any non-invited guests should be asked to leave, and any disruptive behavior should be reported immediately to the Marquette University Police Department. It is the responsibility of the host to clean up any garbage that results from the party.
  4. Keep our neighborhood clean. Dispose of garbage in designated areas only. Rodents are attracted to garbage in alleyways, and people can be hurt on broken glass.
  5. How we feel about our neighborhood has a lot to do with how our neighborhood looks. Overgrown weeds, eroded yards, trash and uncared-for property promotes a negative image. Neighborhood residents and landlords are all expected to do their part.
  6. Drugs are not tolerated in the neighborhood. Neighbors should call MUPD any time drugs are detected in the neighborhood. The stability of our neighborhood depends on this.
  7. Landlords who do not live in the area are expected to be responsible neighbors, as well. Keep your property in the same condition you would if it were your own home. Landlords should also pay special attention to the security of their properties for the safety of tenants and the neighborhood.
  8. Neighbors are expected to be alert for illegal activity in the neighborhood and report such activity to the Marquette University Police Department.
  9. The only way to keep our neighborhood safe and secure is to keep our eyes open, report suspicious behavior and know who our neighbors are. We cannot be afraid to get involved — it is the only way to improve our neighborhood.
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