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Landlord tenant grievance resolution process

The Marquette Neighborhood Landlord Tenant Council developed a three-step process that a landlord or student may use to address issues and concerns that arise during the course of a leasing period.

Step 1: The complaining party should address the issue directly with the other party.

Step 2: If action is not taken after directly addressing the issue, the complaining party may contact the Office of University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services to request a meeting between the two parties and a representative from our office.

Step 3: If Steps 1 and 2 prove unproductive, it is the recommendation of the Landlord Tenant Council that the situation be referred to the Department of Neighborhood Services or formal mediation for resolution.

The goal of this process is to facilitate communication between students and landlords and come to positive resolutions before a party issues a formal complaint with the Department of Neighborhood Services or an eviction notice is served. This process is intended to give students and landlords the opportunity to communicate openly with one another, address issues as they arise, and ultimately improve the relationship between students and landlords.

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