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For YES3, the Individualized Development and Enrichment Action (IDEA) Plan will be modified to address planned objectives and expanded based upon experience and the recognition of unmet needs. Specifically, the addition of a team of intervention specialists (social worker, nutritionist, fitness professional, family advocate) combined with experienced and returning YES staff, and BGCS teachers will allow the IDEA Plan to reach its full potential for student development.
Academic enrichment and life skill development aimed at increasing academic performance and improving self-esteem, and confidence will be achieved by role modeling (study buddies), peer projects, reading for community service, exposure to careers and projects in multimedia (newsletter, webpage), cultural events, visual and performing art, and journaling.

YES3 Program will:

Information for parents

Your child has been matched up with a mentor who is a current student at Marquette University. Your child will meet with their mentor weekly for homework assistance and to check how your child is progressing toward their health and fitness goals. They will develop an Individual Development Evaluation Action (IDEA) Plan with the program coordinator and YES3 social worker. The IDEA plan allows for the mobilization of academics, cultural, and community resources in order to specifically address youth’s individual needs in various areas. The plan seeks to help students develop realistic goals and create specific action plans to reach those goals.

Motivation Tips:

For students

You have been matched up with a mentor who is currently a student at Marquette University. You will meet with your mentor weekly for homework assistance and help in achieving your health and fitness goals.

On average, successful students study or read a few hours every day. Students that struggle study or read a few hours per week! Homework, problems sets or assignments are FREE points toward your grade. You have all the time at home to do it, and do it to your best ability. Take PRIDE in your work. Something as simple as writing your name so your teacher can read it says you are proud of your work. Ask yourself “ was this my best effort?” Always do your best for the moment. Your best may differ on some days, you could be sick but still have work to do. Always do your best for THAT DAY. It is your work, it says you care about yourself.
Turn in your assignments and turn them in on-time!

Improve GPA:

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For more information on Marquette University’s YES Program, contact Kelly Dione at (414) 649-2819 or