Web-based Applications Development

The course focuses on designing and developing Web-based applications using a variety of programming languages and tools. Students will be exposed to Internet application development architecture. Class projects include developing business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) applications, among others. (See Syllabus)

I admit that I signed up for the class apprehensively because I heard about the workload and I had already completed all of the required IT classes. However, after speaking with prior students and weighing the effects of my other courses, I decided to take it. Throughout the course, several habits helped me with learning the material, completing the assigned work, and studying for the mid-term exam: asking questions for clarification, working with other students in the class, and gaining an understanding of the underlying logic of PHP and JavaScript. I tried during each class period to finish the assignment for the next class so as not to fall behind or not complete an assignment. MANA 125 was definitely a challenge for me, as well as almost every other student in the class, but I definitely am glad that I took it. The coursework helped me challenge myself and be better than I thought I could be in this type of environment (after declaring an IT major, I still couldn't picture myself doing technical work). The more technical nature of the IT world is absolutely something I want to explore in my career, and this class opened those doors; I now have some of that technical experience that appeals to potential employers and has allowed me to set reasonable goals of furthering these skills. I would certainly recommend that all IT students take this class during their senior year; it does become very busy while taking Systems Analysis and Design concurrently, but it is manageable. Staying ahead in the work as well as starting large assignments very early is essential. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will bring all of the skills I have developed into my career.

Melanie Fraenkel, Consulting Analyst, Business and Systems Integration,
Accenture, Chicago, Illinois

The class was very challenging, but in being so hands on and project-centered it was incredibly rewarding. It seems like every student, including myself are able to grow leaps and bounds in learning the material. While projects seem daunting at times, it is incredible to see them come to an end and become a working Internet site. Teamwork also enables people to push each other as the semester goes along and discover the unique skills each person brings to the table to help finish a web site and series of web pages. In retrospect, I would definitely take this course again and probably wish that there were others like it that I could take. This course has definitely shown me how IT can have a creative design element that can be applied into various facets and this aspect of the class was the most appealing to me - there is no one solution. As a student being able to problem solve and think outside of the box was an exciting change to my class schedule. I cannot downplay the amount of work and energy I put into the class, but every bit of energy I used was well worth the effort.

Beth Graham, Information Management Leadership Program,
GE Healthcare, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

I took away a much greater understanding of PHP and MySQL in general, but mostly how databases work. Until that point, my interaction with SQL was severely limited. I was very happy that you took everything we learned and rolled it into a huge final project. The courses provided the concepts as well as a place for real-world execution and that really helped me to learn and grow.

Kyle Kerley, Web and Technology Designer,
Assurant Health, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


HTML & Web Pages
Images & Tables
Background & Forms

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheet
Block Level Styles


Processing Forms
With & This
Loops & Arrays
Arrays & Images
Time Object & Image Rollover

PHP with mySQL

PHP Introduction
Validating Forms and Loops
Accessing mySQL database
Working with Resultsets
Interactive Pages
More Interactive Pages
Updates with Forms
Session Login