Emerging Technology

In this exciting course, we discuss the emergence of new technology leading to technology entrepreneurial opportunities and its process in information-technology industries. This involves identifying high-potential, technology-intensive commercial opportunities, reviewing what is relevant and currently discussed in a forum such as www.techcrunch.com . (See sample schedule here). We also discuss disruptive innovation and its effects on organizations through case studies.

This undergraduate course is designed to be for those who seek to understand the opportunities created by emerging technology. Topics introduced in this course are relevant to future managers, marketers, and investors. Using case studies, lectures, presentations by technology entrepreneurs, and projects that cover high-growth ventures that focuses on information technology, this course provides the student with the tools necessary to identify a potential business opportunity, and to provide a feasibility analysis of such an opportunity. Students from the class has participated in the business plan competition a semester later. Here is a list of sample business proposal: Smart Fridge; Graphical Parking Location System and here is an assessment and case write-up of a technology company: Sony.

Chad Greene/Director, eBay Global Information Security will present Securing the World's Online MarketPlace. Chad Manages a team of 22 security professionals located in Dublin, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Seoul, Salt Lake City and San Jose, he has global responsibilities for implementing security strategies and controls that protect a vibrant online marketplace with over 80 million active members. Chad directs the eBay Product Security Team, Enterprise Security Team and Global Monitoring & Response team with responsibilities that include securing the core eBay properties along with over 20 adjacent ecommerce sites. Several of the programs that Chad has been responsible for building and managing within Information Security include implementation and oversight of a Security Penetration Testing Program, the Security Incident Response Program, the Vendor Security Program, the External Threat Intelligence Program, Malware Research Program and the Vulnerability Testing Program.

James Laudon is the Site Manager for the Madison Google office. His areas of expertise include multithreading, multiprocessors, distributed computing, and performance modeling. He is currently focused on advanced hardware and software development for Google's datacenters. Prior to Google, James was a Distinguished Engineer with Sun Microsystems. He also worked at Afara Websystems, Broadcom and at Silicon Graphics. James has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.The title of her presentation will be "Cloud Computing: Innovations in Hardware and Software."

The ITSO Club has invited Xavier Helgesen, co-founder of Better World Books - a company with a mission to create a better world, one book at a time, to speak at Marquette. The company bills itself as a for-profit company with a philanthropic and environmental edge (money.cnn.com). In 2008, Better Word Books generated revenue of $21 million dollars. Better World Books differentiates itself from other online bookstores with a focus on customer interaction and by making social and environmental responsibility the core of its business, not simply an add-on cause component.

Kelly Fitzsimmons, co-founder and CEO of HarQen, has gained great entrepreneurial experience by building and selling several companies. Under her leadership, HarQen currently powers VoiceScreener, an HR solution that virtually eliminates the need to coordinate first round interviews. "Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur" was her title of her presentation.

Here are two of the presentations made at Marquette for the emerging technology class. Mark McGuire on the left speaking about selling the startup in 20 months in Fall 2007 and Blagica Bottigliero on the right presenting Web 2.0 and Social Media in Fall 2008.

Cassie Haupers (Fall '07): This course was a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge in a different learning environment. Through developing an entrepreneurial idea and creating a business plan I learned all the different aspects that have to be addressed when starting a business. Listening to different speakers enabled me to gain k nowledge from people who are successful in the business world. This class taught me to that failure is the starting point for success.
Sasha McGinn (Fall '07): In the second part of the course our minds were set free to imagine, with no restrictions. The objective: to create your own emerging technology idea, business plan, and presentation to convince the class that this technology will impact our lives.
Don Scott (Fall '07): Being a new class, I did not know what to expect with MANA 124. But the skills that I learned in the class such as keeping my eyes and ears out for new disruptive technology, learning how to align technical know-how into an entrepreneurial opportunity, and writing a business plan are invaluable to my education and my future career. Developing my own company and writing the business plan was probably the most worthwhile project that I have had at Marquette. It was a great discussion point during interviews as well.


One of the highlights of the class was the speakers. The topics range widely but share a common theme ie technology enterprise. The speakers share their challenges and also why the students should try this for a career. I have include here exerpts and links of these speakers. If you were here, you would have enjoyed.

Stephen Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts
Making Money While We Sleep: Switching Paradigms from Dollars-for-Hours Consulting to Income-Generating Assets.
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Penelope Trunk, author and columnist, Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance
The soft underbelly of entrepreneurship: How to create a rewarding and stable career path in the new millennium.
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Toni Sikes, Founder and CEO, www.guild.com
Birthing and Raising an eBusiness in the Arts.
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Jeff Sippel, Director of Technology, ebookers
Building Technology in a Global Environment.
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Michael Mojica, Partner, Accenture - North America Retail Practice
Corporate Venturing: Old Money for New Things.
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Kyle Ford, Product Manager, Ning.com
Ning: Your Own Social Network for Anything.
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Mark McGuire, Co-Founder and President, Jellyfish.com
The Jellyfish.com Story: How to Sell Your Start-Up in 20 Months.
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Rimas Buinevicius, Chairman and CEO, Sonic Foundry
Staying Ahead of the Pack through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.
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Greg Tracy, Founder, www.sharendipity.com
Sharendipitous Moments: Create Yours Today.
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Jill Gilbert Welytok, CPA, Absolute Technology Law Group, LLC
Patent Update: How, When and Why IT Companies Should use them?
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Gregory P. Meier, CEO, Lansare and AnnuiSys
Leadership: From the Inside Out?
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