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Todd ThielTODD C. THIEL, GRAD '92

Sherwood, Wis.

Todd Thiel is best known globally for the news media coverage the private investment firm he founded, McKinley Reserve, has received from CNBC, Fox News, BizRadio, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. But the Wisconsin native is recognized by his hometown parish community for his hand in revitalizing St. Mary Catholic School in Hilbert, Wis.

“I’ve been called upon by the Diocese of Green Bay to serve on the board of the Catholic Foundation and by other communities throughout the U.S. to chair committees, groups and other entities,” says Todd. “But I’m most proud of the work we’ve done with St Mary’s.”

A statement like that speaks volumes when his numerous successes are taken into consideration.

As president and chief executive officer of McKinley Reserve, Todd is a visionary. A pioneer of one-of-a-kind, industry-leading worldwide investment initiatives, McKinley Reserve calls on Todd as its principal strategist, leading a group of successful private investment vehicles, affiliated firms and real estate developments throughout the world.

Founded to build creative companies that lead or reshape industries and influence public policy, McKinley Reserve is known for its pioneering work abroad and its innovation domestically. McKinley Reserve companies are the first non-Gulf Cooperative Council — i.e., non-Muslim — and first U.S. group to obtain rights of freehold ownership in the United Arab Emirates.

Under Todd’s leadership, McKinley Reserve also has been lauded by national political figures and major media outlets for its high standard of quality, innovation and research methods, strength in technological advancement, and improvement in quality of life. The company has won numerous awards and been recognized among the country’s fastest growing.

Fun fact: Todd is applying business methods to revive, restore and regain the prominence of rural Catholic grade schools. He thinks this faith-based educational platform is witnessing a resurgence because of expanding technological advances in rural communities, growth in the number of people attracted to a high-quality lifestyle, proven results of small-class-size learning environments and the strength of the Catholic curriculum.