The Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee (EDGM) was formerly known as the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Deans of Education (MMADE). EDGM is a unique and successful partnership model funded initially in 2013 through the Faye McBeath Foundation allowing nine diverse public and private higher education institutions to come together as equal partners under one umbrella with eleven community organization leaders with a shared vision to pursue strategies that meet the greater good of what works for all children regardless of community and socio-economic status. These partners went beyond MPS and included CESA#1, Milwaukee Succeeds, Schools That Can Milwaukee, and Teach For America, among others focused on how effective leadership can address educational issues. An annual event celebrating teachers and teaching provided a springboard to expand and deepen its mission while simultaneously celebrating the critical work that teachers do in all of our schools.

The EDGM has become a highly visible initiative that has garnered unequivocal respect from public and private educational, organization and civic leaders as a sought-after resource for:

  • Educational leadership issues and best practices;
  • A convener of diverse stakeholders in urban education issues seeking public policy solutions that address the needs of district, charter and choice schools;
  • As a catalyst for improving teacher preparation and pipeline expansion.




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Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee

Dr. Freda Russell, Co-Chair, EDGM
Dean, College of Education & Leadership
Cardinal Stritch University

Celebrate Teaching Event Info

Awards Ceremony
October 10, 2018
Cardinal Stritch University
Doors Open at 5 p.m.

Dr. Marna Boyle, Cardinal Stritch University
Early Career Educator Award, Special Education

Dr. Marian Graeven Peter, Cardinal Stritch University
Advanced Career Educator Award, Special Education

Calley Hostad, Marquette University
Champion of Education Award

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