• Inspire community understanding of teaching as a valued profession and serve as a catalyst to expanding and enhancing the teacher pipeline for district, charter and choice schools through high quality teacher preparations programs
  • Use our collective voice to address federal/ state public policy shifts that undermine and/ or detract from performance and improvements in teacher preparation and expertise; pedagogy, instructional best practices, school leadership; and classroom management issues
  • Create strategic dialogues and public forums on urban school leadership issues and public policy solutions to capitalize on the expertise within EDGM and partner organizations
  • Support urban school leaders and administrators in improving PK-12 education via problem-solving forums and professional development coaching in collaboration with partner organizations
  • Use EDGM as a clearinghouse for ideas and as a 'knowledge repository' accessible to school leaders and educators
  • Identify and utilize quantitative and qualitative data to support knowledge sharing and 'lessons learned' between EDGM and its partner organizations

The EDGM is committed to a collective impact model that focuses on new strategic opportunities to improve educational leadership, teacher preparation, the development of positive school culture and environments, and developing and orchestrating a system of instructional guidance that builds capacity within our entire educational system(s). The ability to network through knowledge sharing, communication and cooperation, a sense of joint ownership, collective expertise, and consensus to act on mutual priorities is key to improving teacher recruitment and retention, school culture and environments, and positive outcomes for student achievement.