Fabien J. Josse, Ph.D.

Fabien J. Josse, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of Microsensors Research Laboratory and Director of Graduate Studies

Office: Haggerty Hall 294
E-mail: fabien.josse@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-6789
FAX: (414) 288-5579

Research interests

Professional preparation

Ph.D., 1982, Electrical Engineering, University of Maine at Orono
M.S., 1979, Electrical Engineering, University of Maine at Orono
License, 1976, Mathematics & Physics, Université du Benin

Selected recent publications

Dufour, I., Josse, F., Heinrich, S.M., Lucat, C., Ayela, C., Ménil, F., and Brand, O., “Unconventional Uses of Microcantilevers as Chemical Sensors in Gas and Liquid Media,” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 170, pp. 115-121, 2012.

Beardslee, L.A., Josse, F., Heinrich, S.M., Dufour, I., and Brand, O., “Geometrical Considerations for the Design of Liquid-Phase BioChemical Sensors Using a Cantilever’s Fundamental In-Plane Mode,” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 164, No. 1, pp. 7-14, 2012.

Cox, R.; Josse, F.; Heinrich, S.M.; Brand, O.; Dufour, I.; "Characteristics of laterally vibrating resonant microcantilevers in viscous liquid media", Journal of Applied Physics, 111, 014907 (1-14) (2012) (Also in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology (Vol. 25, Issue No. 4, Jan. 2012).

Mensah-Brown, A.K.; Mlambo, D.; Josse, F.; Schneider, S.; “Analysis of the Detection of organophosphates Pesticides in Aqueous Solutions Using Hydrogen-Bond Acidic Coating on SH-SAW Devices”, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 12, No.5, pp. 893-903, 2012.

Wenzel, M.J.; Mensah-Brown, A.; Josse, F.; Yaz, E.E.; “Online Drift Compensation for Chemical Sensors Using Estimation Theory” IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 11, No.1, pp. 225-232, 2011. 


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