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Making News 

Dr. Ayman EL-Refaie, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, receives Lawrence G Haggerty Faculty Award for Excellence in research

Opus Dean Kristina Ropella
receives 2023 Imprint Award from Professional Dimensions

vizlabVizualization Laboratory reopens - the immersive, 3D environment lets students and researchers engage with complex stimulation experiences across disciplines

Dr. Nathan Weise named 2022 Young Engineer of the Year by STEM Forward

omronlab OMRON Corporation awards $1+ million for OMRON Advanced Automation Lab, combinging automation and robotics technology with supply chain platforms to build connections between engineering and business.

Celebrating Students

Leading Research

Dr. Ayman EL-Refaie received a $4 million Department of Energy grant.

Dr. Brian Schmit received $3.34 million from the NIH for multiple sclerosis research.

Dr. Bing Yu received $1.54 million from NIH to help better detect tumors during breast conserving surgeries.  

Dr. Amit Joshi received $1.78 million from the NIH Cancer Institute.

Drs. Adam Dempsey and Casey Allen win $2.5 million Department of Energy award for research on flex-fuel for heavy-duty engines. Learn more. 

Marquette and the Medical College of Wisconsin launch Clinical Immersion in Medical Device Design, certificate for medical device design professionals.

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