Engineering class


Assessment Rubric for Program Learning:
Outcome B

Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data

  Level of Achievement: 1 Below Expectations Level of Achievement: 2 Meets Expectations Level of Achievement: 3 Exceeds Expectations
Lab Safety Practices unsafe, risky behavior in the lab. Observes good lab safety procedures. Always observes good lab safety procedures.
Experimental Procedure Does not follow experimental procedures. Experimental procedure often followed, occasional oversight leads to loss of efficiency. Uses logical experimental procedures.
Data Gathering and Documentation Simplistic plan that does not recognize full scope of study; Data collected are not all documented, some measurements not recorded. Can formulate reasonable experimental plan; carefully documents data collected. Formulates experimental plan to attain stated objective; carefully documents data collected.
Tool Selection and Operation Needs guidance to select appropriate equipment; is tentative in operation of instruments. Can select and operate appropriate equipment and instruments with minimal guidance. Can select and operate appropriate equipment and instruments to perform experiment.
Data Analysis and Interpretation Applies appropriate theory to data when prompted, may misinterpret physical significance of theory; is aware of measurement error but does not fully account for it statistically. Analyzes and interprets data using appropriate theory; accounts for some measurement error statistically. Analyzes and interprets data carefully using appropriate theory; accounts for measurement error statistically.
Application of Statistics No application of statistical reasoning to data. Statistical reasoning applied correctly to results.  Statistical reasoning correctly applied to results and statistical significance discussed.


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