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Job options for computer and electrical engineers

Who hires electrical and computer engineers?

Marquette engineering students work for companies from coast to coast and internationally. Here’s a partial list of the companies that have hired our most recent graduates:

As you can see, as a Marquette electrical and computer engineer, you may work for a Fortune 500 company or a small startup. Or, you may decide to start your own company. Lawrence Haggerty did in 1940. Haggerty Engineering Hall is named after him. The name of his start-up company? Texas Instruments!

What can I do with an electrical engineering or computer engineering degree?

As an electrical or computer engineer, you have many different career paths. Rewarding careers include:

All of these career options require an insatiable curiosity about how to make things work. As an electrical or computer engineer, you'll enjoy creating things that make a difference.

What other degrees will an electrical or computer engineering degree prepare me for?

Whether you are interested in pursuing a professional degree in law, medicine, dentistry or business, an electrical or computer engineering degree will help you. No matter the profession, there's always a need for people who know how to solve problems, think logically, and clearly and positively express ideas. Though many professional schools have requirements for admission that go beyond the traditional boundaries of an engineering education, we can help you tailor a program to meet those requirements with minimum or no overload. In fact, the College of Engineering has a course of study that leads to a business administration minor, which expedites entry into Marquette's MBA program.

Over the years, several of our graduates have earned professional degrees in law, medicine, dentistry and business, in addition to graduate degrees in electrical, computer and other engineering fields.


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