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*** In addition to the IB scores, take the placement exam.

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IB Scores Credit Earned Recommended Class Placement
H1-H3 None Take placement exam
H4 None FREN 2001
GRMN 2001
SPAN 2001
H5 None FREN 2003*
GRMN 2003*
SPAN 2003*
H6 4 cr. for FREN 2003
4 cr. for GRMN 2003
4 cr. for SPAN 2003
FREN 3030 or FREN 3001
GRMN 3030 or GRMN 3001
SPAN 3001
H7 3 cr. for FREN 3001
3 cr. for GRMN 3001
3 cr. for SPAN 3001
FREN 3030
GRMN 3030
SPAN 3100


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