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For students of Arabic, Classical Greek, Italian, or Latin

In what grades did you take the language?

How many years has it been since your last high school course in this language?
How would you rate your performance, on average, in your last course in the language?
On average, what grade did you receive in your language courses?
Please provide us with any special concerns or comments regarding your foreign language background:
For students of Arabic, or Italian only:
How much time have you spent in a country where this language is spoken? (Count only the time you were required or strongly encouraged to use the language).
Is anyone living in your home a native speaker of this language?
If you answered yes, please indicate which of the following statements reflects your use of the language with this person.
If you answered yes, please indicate the statements that reflect your use of the language. Check all that apply.

Do you consider yourself a native or near-native speaker of this language?
For students of Latin only:
Which Roman authors have you read in the original Latin?

How much English have you translated into Latin?


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