THE Latina/o Well-Being research initiative

The Latina/o Well-Being Research Initiative is a group of multidisciplinary scholars at Marquette University dedicated to understanding how Latina/o youth and adults experience well-being in the United States. Specifically, the LWRI is interested in the psychological, physical and socio-environmental factors that influence the lives of Latina/os. Our initiative is comprised of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students from various departments within Marquette University who are committed to the goals of scholarly inquiry and translation of research within this population.

Our Mission

Given the large and dynamic presence of Latina/os within the United States and Milwaukee, as well as the numerous health disparities that they face, we believe there is a critical need to understand and promote well-being in this population. To this end, the LWRI has the following goals:

  • To establish an interdisciplinary research group focused on addressing health disparities and promoting well-being within the Latina/o community.

  • Provide research and professional development opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students at Marquette interested in Latina/o health and well-being.

  • To engage the community and function as a pivotal resource for Latina/os in the greater Milwaukee area by translating clinical and research findings.

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Dr. Lisa Edwards (Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology; Education)

Dr. Lucas Torres (Psychology; Arts & Sciences)