Latinx Research Scholars Program (LRSP)

The Latinx Research Scholars Program (LRSP) at Marquette University provides undergraduate students experience in community-engaged research and Latinx mental health within Milwaukee. LRSP scholars will receive mentorship, hands-on practice, professional development opportunities, and networking with community and academic partners. The overarching goal of the LRSP is to create a community of scholars who have research training and expertise that will allow them to be agents of change within their communities. 


2021 LRSP Presentation event

The Latinx Research Scholars Program (LRSP) held a virtual presentation of research by our inaugural cohort of undergraduate scholars. In collaboration with the United Community Center (UCC) and United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) scholars implemented community-engaged research projects and shared their findings. To view this presentation, click here.


LRSP Objectives and Competencies: 

  • Develop research skills (e.g., community research skills, partnership skills, reading and understanding published research, project planning skills, data collection, research methodology, disseminating information in paper and oral format) 
  • Develop interpersonal and communication skills (e.g., interacting with community partners, respect in interactions with others, cultural sensitivity) 
  • Professional development (e.g., ethnics, completing assignments on time, punctuality, professional behavior in general, etc.) 
  • Interdisciplinary commitment (e.g., understanding of how professional roles and disciplines collaborate, dedication to career development, commitment to community engagement, etc.) 

LRSP 2021 Cohort


Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Why I Joined LRSP: "I want to conduct research to better understand the needs of my community and provide some insight to address them."
Goals: Earn a PhD in psychology; study mental health disparities in racial minorities, immigrants, & refugees.


Natalea Leon


Year: Junior
Major: Psychology & Spanish
Why I Joined LRSP: "Because I am eager and dedicated to beginning research activities and helping members of the Latinx community within Milwaukee."
Goals: Pursue career in Counseling Psychology to help others in the Latinx community.



Rosario Cerda


Year: Junior
Psychology & Spanish for the Health Professions
Why I Joined LRSP:
"To gain experience in my field as well as to
benefit from the knowledge from the research in this program."
Pursue Clinical Psychology with a focus on mental health
within minority/oppressed groups.





Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Why I Joined LRSP: "To strengthen my foundation in psychological research and become better acquainted with research in the world of psychology."
Goals: Become a child psychologist and work with children of
minority backgrounds who have experienced trauma.