Kevin Beasley: Who's Afraid to Listen to Red, Black and Green?

The Haggerty Museum of Art is pleased to serve as one of the sites hosting a sculpture installed by Sculpture Milwaukee. Kevin Beasley's Who's Afraid to Listen to Red, Black and Green? is now installed in and around the sculpture garden located north of the Haggerty's building. Kevin Beasley works across a variety of media including sculpture, installation, sound, and video. The material aspects of his practice are rooted in the use of found objects (most often clothing) that convey intimate personal and cultural histories, and in highly process-oriented, malleable materials including resin and polyurethane. Who’s Afraid to Listen to Red, Black, and Green,? a trio of acoustic mirrors in the iconic colors of the African-American flag, transforms the space it inhabits, redefining its social purpose by providing opportunities for its audience to have an active relationship to space, sound, and the presence of the physical body of the viewer. Go to Sculpture Milwaukee's web site for complete information about this remarkable urban public art exhibition, now in its fifth year. Photo credits: Brian Pfister, Sculpture Milwaukee.