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January 14 – May 22, 2022

Art Asks - You Answer

Art Asks - You Answer artwork

Art is made to be seen, yet the act of looking inspires fundamental questions about the nature of art. These works of art from the Haggerty Museum of Art’s collection ask challenging questions and we invite you, the viewer, to answer.


Exploring the Core: Expanding Our Horizons

The Stowaway Peers Out at the Speed of Light by James Rosenquist

Expanding Our Horizons: Exploring and Encountering the Unknown acknowledges that the search for answers is a deeply human, and interdisciplinary, project. The images in this exhibition reflect that spirit of inquiry. This exhibition is the third in a series that explores the five MCC Discovery Tier themes.


Maxim Kantor: Wasteland (Letters from Karakorum)

2 etchings from Wasteland (Letters from Karakorum) by Maxim Kantor

Wasteland (Letters from Karakorum), by Moscow-based artist Maxim Kantor, is comprised of 70 etchings with color engraving that depict the artist’s interpretation of everyday life in Russia.


Kevin Beasley: Who's Afraid to Listen to Red, Black and Green?

 Kevin Beasley's artwork Who's Afraid to Listen to Red, Black and Green?