Haggerty In the News

New mural going up at Marquette University promotes inclusivity on Fox 6 Milwaukee (10/28/20)

Press Release: Virtual Community Day 

Marquette commissions new mural on Varsity Theatre (9/29/2020)

Press Release: Friends Of The Haggerty Presidential Election

Google Considers Milwaukee a Hub for Arts & Culture by Jude Cramer for Milwaukee Magazine

Press Release: Google Arts & Culture

Press Release: Inside Sculpture Milwaukee

Press Release: Art Therapy Online Event

The Haggerty Museum of Art wins runner-up position in the Shepherd Express' "Best of Milwaukee 2019" poll (1/21/2020)

Art therapist visits Haggerty Museum - from the Marquette Wire (1/21/2020)

Milwaukee Museum Week - from Milwaukee Magazine (1/20/2020)

Milwaukee Museum Week - from OnMilwaukee.com (1/17/2020)

Press Release: MLK Day Open House and Gallery Talk Announcement

2019 Nohl Fellowship winners announced - from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/18/2019)

25 not-that-interesting facts about Milwaukee - from Milwaukee Record (10/30/2019)

Misrepresentation threatens Native American identity - from the Marquette Wire (10/29/2019)

'For the Sake of a Single Verse' at the Haggerty Museum of Art - from the Shepherd Express (10/15/2019)

Haggerty celebrates visual, written works - from the Marquette Wire (10/8/2019)

A Range of Visual Conversations at the Haggerty's 'Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowships' Exhibit - from the Shepherd Express (7/16/2019)

Exhibition Honoring 2018 Nohl Fellows Opens at Haggerty Museum of Art - from the Milwaukee Community Journal (5/24/2019)

Art Display of River Deities Reflect Immigrant Cultures that Settled Along South Side Waterways - from Milwaukee Independent (4/21/2019)

Artist at Haggerty Museum brings awareness to water sustainability in Milwaukee - from the Marquette Wire (3/19/2019)

Environmentally-Focused Paintings About Great Lakes On Display At Marquette University - from WUWM (2/27/2019)

Best of Milwaukee 2018 Winners: Arts & Entertainment - from the Shepherd Express (1/23/2019)

Urban spelunking: Marquette's Haggerty Museum of Art - from onMilwaukee.com (1/17/2019)

Sable Elyse Smith's 'Ordinary Violence' at the Haggerty Museum of Art (12/18/2018)

2018 Nohl Fellowship winners include artists Rosemary Ollison and Chris Cornelius (11/19/2018)

Haggerty Museum welcomes featured artist - from the Marquette Wire (9/11/2018)

Historic Concordia Home Tour Mixes History with Art - from the Shepherd Express (6/1/2018)

Epic Drawings Draw Attention to Contemporary Calamities: A Review of Rick Shaefer at the Haggerty Museum of Art - from Newcity Art

Haggerty Museum of Art announces Fall 2018 exhibitions

Artforum Critic's Pick - Jeffrey Gibson
Michelle Grabner for Artforum on exhibiting artist Jeffrey Gibson

Theology students learn with Marquette Visualization Lab
Alex Groth for the Marquette Wire

Four Ways of Viewing Women: Haggerty Museum multi-exhibit show smartly spans centuries and attitudes toward women
Rose Balistreri for Urban Milwaukee

Marquette Law School and Haggerty Art Museum projects highlight Global Water Center themes
Alex Groth for the Marquette Wire

Art City Asks: Jon Mueller
Shane McAdams for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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