Stations of Devotion

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The exhibition themes were inspired by the Stations of the Cross, a fourteen-step devotion that commemorates the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. In place of the traditional Passion narrative, fourteen themes expressive of the human condition are each paired with two works of art as a means of providing multiple points of entry for exploring the themes.  

Stations of the Cross:

(1) Jesus is condemned to death

(2) Jesus is made to bear his cross

(3) Jesus falls the first time

(4) Jesus meets his mother

(5) Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross

(6) Veronica wipes Jesus’ face

(7) Jesus falls the second time

(8) The women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus

(9) Jesus falls the third time

(10) Jesus is stripped of his garments

(11) Jesus is nailed to the cross

(12) Jesus dies on the cross

(13) Jesus is taken down from the cross

(14) Jesus is placed in the sepulchre

View artworks from each station at the Basilica and National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians at Holy Hill