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Double Vision includes works from twenty-eight artists! Click on each artist's name to learn about them, and about their work.

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Tim Hetherington, Untitled, Liberia, 2005

Douglas Depice, Jesus in Central America—First Station of the Cross, 1987 

Gary Logan, Red Sea, 2010 

Unknown Artist, Russian, Icon of Christ, late 19th century (1870 – 1899) 



After Pedro Bedon, La Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrows), 1500s – 1620s  

Giannicola di Paolo Manni, The Madonna and Child with Infant Saint John the Baptist, 1500s 

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1983 

Adrian Kellard, Lovers, 1986 

Luis González Palma, El Santo Sudario, 1989 


Glenn LigonNegro Sunshine, 2010 

Unknown Artist, Italian, The Conversion of St. Eustace (Reliquary), ca. 1800  

Larry Rivers, Victims, from the portfolio Boston Massacre, 1970 

Donald Grant, Rope and Flame, 1992 

Romare Bearden, Reunion, 1974 

Georges Rouault, Qui ne se grime pas? (Who does not wear a mask?), ca. 1923 

Daniel Goldstein, Icarian XI / Leg Extension, 1993 

Jordan Eagles, PHASE (with gauze), 2011 

Nicholas Herrera, At the Foot of the Cross, 1999  

Willem Vrelant or his workshop, Folio from the Book of Hours with Mass of St. Gregory, ca. 1470 

Unknown Artist, Flemish, The Harrowing of Hell, ca. 1525