Strategic Direction


The Haggerty Museum of Art connects people—on campus, in the community, and around the world—to art, to ideas, and to one another. Through inclusive programming, the Museum uses the interdisciplinary lens of art to cultivate knowledge, insight, understanding, and belonging, all in service of Marquette University’s commitment to care for the whole person. 


The Haggerty Museum of Art sparks transformational experiences with art that amplify personal, intellectual, social, and physical well-being. 


As the academic art museum of Marquette University, the Haggerty Museum of Art uses its collections, exhibitions, and programs to:  

    • Inspire wonder, open minds, and build curiosity for lifelong learning 
    • Embrace experimentation, innovation, and creativity
    • Fuel inquiry, expand perspectives, and prompt dialogue
    • Celebrate the richness, complexity, and diversity of human experience and expression
    • Foster human connection and belonging 
    • Facilitate collaborative learning experiences that use art as an instrument to bridge subjects, fields, and disciplines  

2022-2027 Strategic Goals

    1. Center equity, belonging, and inclusion in every aspect of the Museum
    2. Integrate curricular, co-curricular, and Milwaukee community initiatives through high-impact, socially responsive campus and community engagement
    3. Define and implement the optimal structure for the Museum’s organizational relationship with Marquette University
    4. Create and maintain a thriving, productive culture of philanthropy engaging all Museum stakeholders
    5. Ensure the long-term sustainability of the Museum