Dorothy Day-Catholic Worker Collection
Catholic Workers and Catholic Worker Communities

Series W-10 Peter Maurin Papers, ca. 1909-
Series W-11 Biographical Information Files, 1935-
Series W-12 Stanley Vishnewski Papers, 1933-1980
Series W-13 Charles M. Butterworth Papers, 1927-1978 
Series W-14 Deane Mowrer Papers, 1938-1989, undated
Series W-15 Arthur T. and Elizabeth O. Sheehan Papers, 1929-1975, undated
Series W-16 Ammon Hennacy Papers, 1915-2001
Series W-17 Nina Polcyn Moore Papers, 1935-2005
Series W-18 Casa Maria House of Hospitality (Milwaukee, WI) Records, 1966-
Series W-19 Haley House (Boston, MA) Records, 1966-
Series W-20 Davenport (IA) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1973-1990
Series W-21 Des Moines (IA) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1976-
Series W-22 David Mason Papers, ca 1941, 1949-1969, undated
Series W-23 Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community Records, 1970-
Series W-24 St. Louis Catholic Worker Community Records, 1977-
Series W-25 Arthur Sheehan House of Hospitality (Brooklyn, NY)  Records, 1967-1990
Series W-26 Seattle Catholic Worker Records, 1974-2007
Series W-27 Catholic Worker Houses of Memphis Records, 1970-1998
Series W-28 Casa Maria (Tucson, AZ) Records, 1981-
Series W-29 Bread and Justice Catholic Worker House (Bremerton, WA) Records, 1980-1982
Series W-30 Clare House Catholic Worker Community (Bloomington, IL) Records, 1977-2015
Series W-31 Gene Detro Papers, 1962-1985, undated
Series W-32 St. Francis Catholic Worker Community (Spotsylvania, VA) Records, 1979-
Series W-33 Tulsa Catholic Worker Community Records, 1981-1988
Series W-34 San Diego Catholic Worker Records, 1979-
Series W-35 St. Benedict's Catholic Worker House of Hospitality (Washington, DC) Records, 1980-1983
Series W-36 Romero House of Hospitality (Morgantown, WV) Records, 1981-1986
Series W-37 Alderson Hospitality House (Alderson, WV) Records, 1976-
Series W-38 Portland (OR) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1977-1986
Series W-39 Jean Donovan Catholic Worker House (St. Cloud, MN) Records, 1983-1990
Series W-40 Dorothy Day House of Hospitality (Moorhead, MN) Records, 1983-
Series W-41 Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker House (Norfolk, NE) Records, 1983-1984
Series W-42 Dallas Catholic Worker Records, 1984-
Series W-43 Robert Ellsberg Papers, 1976-1985
Series W-44 Las Vegas (NV) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1980-
Series W-45 Dorothy Day House Community (Syracuse, NY) Records, 1981-1989
Series W-46 Dorothy and William Gauchat Papers, 1930-2001
Series W-47 Unity Kitchen Community (Syracuse, NY) Records, 1970-
Series W-48 Simple Gifts, Inc. (Albany, NY) Records, 1976-1987
Series W-49 Rev. John J. Hugo Papers, 1924-1993
Series W-50 St. Jude Catholic Worker House (Champaign/Urbana, IL) Records, 1981-2016
Series W-51 Viva House (Baltimore, MD) Records
Series W-52 Geoffrey B. Gneuhs Papers, 1973-1993, undated
Series W-53 John Filligar Catholic Worker Farm (Alderson, WV) and Llewellyn Scott and Mary Harris Catholic Worker Houses (Washington, D.C.) Records, 1982-ca. 2008
Series W-54 Sts. Francis and Therese Catholic Worker Community (Worcester, MA) Records, 1986-
Series W-55 Mustard Seed Catholic Worker (Worcester, MA) Records
Series W-56 Anathoth Community Farm (Luck, WI) Records
Series W-57 David Buer Papers, 1981-2003
Series W-58 St. Elizabeth Catholic Worker (Chicago, IL) Records, 1979-2004
Series W-59 Charles Quilty Papers, 1992
Series W-60 Denver Catholic Worker Records, 1978-
Series W-61 Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker Community (Houston, TX) Records, 1981-
Series W-62 Mary House Catholic Worker (Austin, TX) Records, 1991-
Series W-63 St. Catherine of Genoa Catholic Worker (Chicago, IL) Records, 1989-1997
Series W-64 Bethany House of Hospitality (Oakland, CA) Records, 1990-1998
Series W-65 Dorothy Day Catholic Worker (Washington, DC) Records
Series W-66 Thomas C. Cornell Papers, 1957- 
Series W-67 Duluth Catholic Worker Records
Series W-68 Scott Mathern-Jacobson Papers
Series W-69 Cyril Echele Papers, 1935-2007
Series W-70 Saginaw (MI) Catholic Worker Community Records
Series W-71 Rochester (NY) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1934-2016
Series W-72 Rosalie G. Riegle Papers
Series W-73 Gerald J. Griffin Papers, 1935-1979
Series W-74 Brian Kavanagh Papers
Series W-75 Brian Terrell Papers
Series W-76 Frank Donovan Papers, 1962-2012
Series W-77 Frank Cordaro Papers, 1973-
Series W-78 Jacques Travers Papers, 1961-1995, undated
Series W-79 Johnny Baranski Papers, 1969-1987
Series W-80 Larry Morlan Papers
Series W-81 Michael Kirwan Papers, 1974-2004
Series W-82 Sacramento Catholic Worker Records, 1976-2008
Series W-83 Su Casa Catholic Worker (Chicago, IL) Records
Series W-84 Jeff Dietrich Papers, 1970-
Series W-85 Olympia (WA) Catholic Worker Records
Series W-86 Santa Rosa (CA) Catholic Worker Records, 1981-2013, undated
Series W-87 Tina Sipula Papers, 1978-
Series W-88 Holy Family Catholic Worker (Kansas City, MO) Records,1973-2017
Series W-89 Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm (Sheep Ranch, CA) Records, 1975-2017
Series W-90 St. Francis Farm Community (Lacona, NY)
Series W-91 Catholic Worker Newspapers