Scope and Content

Series W-10, the Peter Maurin Papers, 1918- , undated (1.4 cubic feet), contains his surviving manuscripts, some correspondence concerning PM, and secondary material. Most of the manuscripts are Maurin’s "arrangements" of others’ thoughts, rather than his "Easy Essays." (There are several folders of these). Arrangement is by type of material and alphabetical or chronological thereunder

Series W-11, Biographical Information Files, 1935-2014 (2.1 cubic feet),  contains materials received from or documenting a variety of individuals associated with the Catholic Worker movement, arranged alphabetically by name. Of note are letters from Dorothy Day to Martin Corbin, Rev. Harvey Egan, Marjorie Hughes, Patrick and Kathleen Jordan, Kay Lynch, Rev. Leo Neudecker, William Oleksak, Anne Perkins, and Robert Steed.

Series W-12, the Stanley Vishnewski Papers, 1933-1980 (1.8 cubic feet), includes the correspondence and writings of the New York Catholic Worker's "first volunteer," and resident historian, whose tenure spanned the years from 1934 to 1979. Among notable correspondents are Elizabeth Burrow, Dorothy Day, and Catherine de Hueck Doherty. Also of note are lengthy drafts of his"personal history" of the Catholic Worker, a version of which was published posthumously.

Series W-13, the Charles M.  Butterworth Papers, 1927-1978 (0.9 cubic foot), contains correspondence and journals documenting his activities with the New York Catholic Worker (1956-1963) and his later career as an attorney and anti-war activist in Philadelphia. Included is a file of letters and notes from Dorothy Day.

Series W-14, The Deane Mowrer Papers, 1938-1989, undated (0.9 cubic foot), is composed largely of letters received by a longtime member of the New York Catholic Worker community, best remembered for her "Farm with a View" column. The correspondence dates from 1953, with the exception of letters from Kenneth Burke and Katherine Anne Porter (1939-1942). Other notable correspondents include Dorothy Day, Jack English, Caroline Gordon, Judith Gregory, Helene Iswolsky, and Anne-Marie Stokes.. 

Series W-15, the Arthur T. and Elizabeth Odell Sheehan Papers, 1924-1975, undated  (1.4 cubic feet), contains correspondence and writings of Peter Maurin's first biographer and his wife.

Series W-16, the Ammon Hennacy Papers, 1915-2001 (1.7 cubic feet), is composed largely of correspondence and writings the self-proclaimed "one man revolution" stored with a friend before joining the New York Catholic Worker community in 1953;

Series W-17, The Nina Polcyn Moore Papers, 1935-2005 (0.6 cubic foot), is composed of correspondence and writings, notably documenting her close friendship with Dorothy Day and her involvement with the first Catholic Worker house of hospitality in Milwaukee, which she co-founded in 1937.

Series W-18, the Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community (Milwaukee, WI) Records, 1966-  (3.9 cubic feet), documents the community co-founded by Michael and Annette Cullen in 1966, including  correspondence, log books, and publications. The house logs, which contain personally identifiable information on guests and community members, are restricted. For their website, click here. See also the Michael Denis Cullen Papers.

Series W-19, the Haley House (Boston, MA) Records, 1967- (0.3 cubic foot), includes information on the CW gathering the community hosted in 1991, newsletters, and two unpublished papers prepared for college projects. For their website, click here. Haley House's archives are at Boston College.

Series W-20, the Davenport (IA) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1973-1990 (0.7 cubic foot), contains scattered records of a CW community which closed in 1990, including its newspaper, Radix.

Series W-21, the Des Moines (IA) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1976-  (1.4 cubic feet), documents the CW affiliate co-founded by Frank Cordaro in 1976.  For their website, click here. See also the Frank Cordaro Papers.

Series W-22, the David Mason Papers, ca. 1941, 1949-1969, undated (0.3 cubic foot), contains scattered papers of a printer active in the New York and Philadelphia Catholic Worker communities in the 1930s and 1940s. For his biography, consult the obituary by Dorothy Day.

Series W-23, the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community Records, 1970- (2.9 cubic feet), includes files on the LACW's campaigns and demonstrations, the Catholic Agitator newspaper and other publications, and writings about the community. For their website, click here. For earlier versions of this site, which Marquette began capturing in 2011, click here. See also the Jeff Dietrich Papers.

Series W-24, the St. Louis Catholic Worker  Community Records, 1977-2020 (1.8 cubic feet), documents the Cass House and Karen House St. Louis CW communities, including minutes of meetings and house logs. Partially restricted (files containing confidential discussions of community members and guests). For their website,click here. For earlier versions of this site, which Marquette began capturing in 2011, click here.

Series W-25, the Arthur Sheehan House of Hospitality (Brooklyn, NY) Records, 1967-1990 (0.3 cubic feet), contains records of a former CW house in Brooklyn, founded by Jacques Travers, including files documenting its ties to the social agency Christian Help in Park Slope. See also the Jacques Travers Papers.

Series W-26, the Seattle Catholic Worker Records, 1974-2007 (0.3 cubic foot), contains scattered records of a former CW community. The last issue of its newsletter, Yin Yang, published in February 1976, was devoted to sexuality and included an endorsement of gay liberation.

Series W-27, the Catholic Worker Houses of Memphis Records, 1970-1998 (0.4 cubic foot), includes scattered records of a former CW house founded by Betty and Charley Gifford.

Series W-28, the Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community (Tucson, AZ) Records, 1981- (0,3 cubic foot), contains fragmentary records. For information on this community, consult their website

Series W-29, the Bread and Justice Catholic Worker House (Bremerton, WA) Records, 1980-1982 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a short-lived CW house, founded by Iris and Tom Reed, which closed a few months after Tom Reed's failed attempt to remove an American flag from a church sanctuary.

Series W-30, the Clare House Catholic Worker Community (Bloomington, IL) Records, 1977-2015 (0.5 cubic foot), documents  a Catholic Worker food pantry, founded and directed until its closing by Tina Sipula.

Series W-31, the John Detro Papers 1978-1985, undated (0.5 cubic foot), contains manuscripts and scattered correspondence of a California poet  and jazz critic  (formerly known as Gene Detro) with ties to the Catholic Worker movement. Detro died in 1996 at the age of 60.

Series W-32, The St. Francis Catholic Worker Community (Spotsylvania, VA) Records, 1979- (0.4 cubic foot), contains records of a CW house, founded in Washington, DC, which became a retreat house for the poor after the move to Spotsylvania. 

Series W-33, the Tulsa Catholic Worker Community Records, 1981-1988 (0.2 cubic foot), consists of records of the first CW community in  Oklahoma, documenting some of its internal difficulties and opposition from the bishop, Eusebius Beltran.

Series W-34, the San Diego Catholic Worker Records, 1979- (0.4 cubic foot), contains scattered records.

Series W-35, the St. Benedict's Catholic worker House of Hospitality Records, 1930-1983 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a house founded by Michael Kirwan. See also the Michael Kirwan Papers.

Series W-36, the Romero House of Hospitality (Morgantown, WV) Records, 1981-1986 (0.2 cubic foot), contains fragmentary records of a former CW house.

Series W-37, the Alderson Hospitality House (Alderson, WV) Records, 1977- (1.2 cubic feet), consists of records of a house of hospitality for visitors to the federal women's prison in Alderson, primarily dating from 1976-1984, when Richard Dieter and Margaret Louden served as directors. Of note are Dieter's journal and letters from prisoners, including Lolita Lebron and Sara Jane Moore.

Series W-38, the Portland (OR) Catholic Worker Community Records, 1977-1986 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a small CW community in Portland during the 1970s and 1980s. Related correspondence is in the Johnny Baranski Papers.

Series W-39, the Jean Donovan Catholic Worker House Records,1983-1990 (0.3 cubic foot), consists of scattered records of a house that closed in 1990.

Series W-41,  the Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker House (Norfolk, NE) Records, 1983-1984 (0.3 cubic foot), contains scattered records of a former CW house founded by Mike Palecek.

Series W45, the Dorothy Day House Community (Syracuse, NY) Records, 1981-1989 (0.2 cubic foot), documents a CW house founded by Patricia Sher in 1981. It was later operated by Catholic Charities as a shelter for women and children before closing in 2018.

Series W-46, the Dorothy and William Gauchat Papers, 1930-2001 (1.5 cubic feet), contains correspondence and manuscripts documenting their work as members of the early Cleveland Catholic Worker community and later at Our Lady of the Wayside, a home they founded for severely disabled children in nearby  Avon, Ohio. Of note are  the extensive file of their courtship correspondence and many letters from Dorothy Day.

Series W-47, the Unity Kitchen Community (Syracuse, NY) Records, 1970- (2.1 cubic feet), includes correspondence and writings by and about the community. They document UKC's commitment to "lavish but limited hospitality" and fidelity to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1980s, after a lengthy process of discernment.

Series W-48, the Simple Gifts, Inc. (Albany, NY) Records, 1976-1987 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a CW bookstore founded by Walt Chura.

Series W-49, the Rev. John J. Hugo Papers, 1924-1993 (0.8 cubic foot), contains the surviving papers of a diocesan priest who gave controversial retreats to Catholic Worker groups and was a spiritual advisor to Dorothy Day, including writings and scattered correspondence. (He did not retain personal correspondence, observing that much of it was with retreatants and thus, in his opinion, "under the seal.")

Series W-50, the St. Jude Catholic Worker House (Champaign/Urbana, IL)  Records, 1981-2016 (0.5 cubic foot), documents a CW house which operated at different locations in Champaign and Urbana, Illinois. For a brief history, click here.

Series W-53, the John Filligar Catholic Worker Farm (Alderson, WV) and Llewellyn Scott and Mary Harris Catholic Worker Houses (Washington, D.C.) Records, 1982-ca. 2008 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a CW farm and houses operated by Michael Kirwan.

Series W-57, the David Buer Papers, 1981-2003 (0.3 cubic foot), contains scattered correspondence and writings of a Franciscan brother who was affiliated with Catholic Worker communities in Chicago. 

Series W-58, the St. Elizabeth Catholic Worker (Chicago, IL) Records, 1979-2004 (0.3 cubic foot), documents a shelter on Chicago's south side. Included are logbooks, newsletters, and correspondence files of Barbara Blaine and Gary Olivero.

Series W-59, the Charles Quilty Papers, 1992 (0.3 cubic foot), consists of an unpublished typescript, "Journey Out of Silence: A Story of Resistance," chronicling Quilty's life as a Catholic Worker and peace activist in Rock Island, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa. 

Series W-60, the Denver Catholic Worker Records, 1977- (0.8 cubic foot), documents the community founded and led by Sr. Anna Koop, which received national publicity for the coffins made by its woodworking cooperative. More information is on its website.

Series W-61, the Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker Community (Houston, TX) Records, 1979- (3 cubic feet), contains correspondence and writings concerning the Houston Catholic Worker community, founded by Mark and Louise Zwick in 1980 to serve immigrants and refugees from Mexico and Central America.

Series W-62, the Mary House Catholic Worker (Austin, TX) Records, 1991- (0.3 cubic foot), consists of scattered correspondence and writings related to a Catholic Worker house founded by Lynn Goodman-Strauss to provide "free medically supportive housing to homeless, indigent adults with critical or terminal illnesses." For their website, click here.

Series W-63, the St. Catherine of Genoa Catholic Worker (Chicago, IL) Records, 1989-1997 (0.6 cubic foot), documents a shelter for people with AIDS. Included are logbooks, minutes of meetings, and newsletters.

Series W-64, the Bethany House of Hospitality (Oakland, CA) Records, 1990-1998 (0.3 cubic foot), contains correspondence and newsletters documenting an AIDS  hospice run by Michael Harank.

Series W-66, the Thomas C. Cornell Papers, 1957- (1.5 cubic feet), consists of correspondence and writings of a peace activist and longtime member of the New York CW community, mostly dating since 1993, when he "retired" to the Peter Maurin Farm in Marlboro, NY. After an earlier stint as managing editor of The Catholic Worker newspaper, he cofounded  the Catholic Peace Fellowship in 1964 and directed it for many years.  The CPF Records are at the University of Notre Dame Archives.

Series W-69, the Cyril Echele Papers, 1935-2007 (0.2 cubic foot), contains scattered correspondence and writings of a member of the New York and St. Louis CW communities, 1935-1940. He was an early follower of Peter Maurin, and much later  became a disciple of Lyndon LaRouche.

Series W-71, the Rochester Catholic Worker Community (NY) Records, 1937-, contains scattered records of the second oldest Catholic Worker community, among the first to be founded after the movement began in New York City.

Series W-73, the Gerald J. Griffin Papers, 1935-1979 (0.3 cubic foot), consists of correspondence of a core member of the New York Catholic Worker community during the 1930s and 1940s, including letters from Dorothy Day and co-workers Agnes Bird, Jack Thornton, and Joe Zarrella. Many of the letters were written to Griffin when he served overseas during World War Two as an ambulance driver with the American Field Service.

Series W-75, the Brian Terrell Papers, ca. 1956, 1977- (0.9 cubic foot), contains correspondence, subject files, and writings by and about a peace activist and Catholic Worker "lifer" who joined the New York CW community out of college in 1975 and then became a member of the Davenport, Iowa, CW.. In 1986 he and his wife, Betsy Keenan, founded the Strangers and Guests Catholic Worker Farm in Maloy, Iowa, where they presently reside.

Series W-76, the Frank Donovan Papers, 1945, 1962-2012 (0.6 cubic foot), contains scattered correspondence to the longtime "business manager" of the New York Catholic Worker community, including letters from Dorothy Day and Michael Kirwan, along with legal papers and notes by his executor, Patrick Jordan.

Series W-77, the Frank Cordaro Papers, 1962- (5.1 cubic feet), consists of private correspondence (closed during his lifetime), subject files, and writings by and about a peace activist and member of the Des Moines Catholic Worker Community, which he co-founded in 1976. See also his extensive online blog, Frank Cordaro's Writings and Archives, and  the DMCW Records.

Series W-78, the Jacques Travers Papers, 1961-1995, undated (1.8 cubic feet), contains the surviving papers  of the founder of the Arthur Sheehan House of Hospitalityin Brooklyn, NY, including letters from Dorothy Day, Daniel Marshall, and Deane Mowrer. Some of the correspondence is in French. See also the website created in his memory.

Series W-79, the Johnny Baranski Papers, 1969-1987 (0.6 cubic foot), contains correspondence of a poet and peace activist who was a member of the Portland, Oregon Catholic Worker community in the 1970s and 1980s.

Series W-81, the Michael Kirwan Papers, 1974-2004 (0.6 cubic foot), consists of correspondence and writings of the founder of Catholic Worker houses and farms in Washington, D.C. and Alderson, West Virginia (Click hereand here).

Series W-84, the Jeff Dietrich Papers, 1970- (1.9 cubic feet), contains correspondence and writings of a core member of the LACW community since 1971. Correspondents include Daniel Berrigan, Robert Ellsberg, Rachelle Linner, Catherine Morris, and Katharine Temple.

Series W-87, the Tina Sipula Papers, 1978- (1.8 cubic feet), includes correspondence (partially restricted) and writings of the founder and director of Clare House in Bloomington, Illinois.

Series W-88, the Holy Family Catholic Worker (Kansas City, MO) Records,1973-2017, contains scattered records of a house which closed in 2017.

Series W-89, the Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm (Sheep Ranch, CA) Records, 1975-2017, contains scattered records of a former CW community, including information on its land trust.