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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1844-1992, undated 

Volume Ca. 2.5 cubic feet

Description: 11 manuscript collections and two photography collections include Native Catholic records.  


Manuscript Collections

/1 “Cyprian Bradley Manuscript, MS 0406”

Inclusive date: 1956

Volume: Several pages

Description: Unpublished volume two (copy) of History of the Catholic Diocese of Boise, including parish histories for Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, 1841-1846, Sacred Heart Church, Lapwai, 1913-1955, St. Ann Church, Bonners Ferry, 1894-1942, St. Joseph Mission, Culdesac, 1874-1955, and St. Michael Mission, Kootenai Reservation, 1845-1942; from Diocese of Boise, Boise,  Idaho.  


/2 "A Brief History of St. Joseph's Church and Mission near Culdesac, Idaho, and the Sacred Heart Church, Lapwai, Idaho, MS 2/253”

Inclusive dates: 1956 

Volume: .05 cubic foot (1 folder)

Description: From unpublished volume two (copy) of History of the Catholic Diocese of Boise, re: Sacred Heart Church, Lapwai, 1913-1955 and St. Joseph Mission, Culdesac, 1874-1955; from Diocese of Boise, Boise, Idaho.  


/3 “Cataldo Mission 80th Anniversary Celebration, MI 0025-01”

Inclusive dates: 1916

Volume: 1 videocassette

Description: Celebration at Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, Idaho with Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J. and over 600 participants, including Coeur d’Alene Indians; reformatted motion picture.  


/4 “Catholic Church Newspaper Abstract Collection, MS 0436”

Inclusive dates: 1863-1942

Volume: Few articles

Description: Article transcripts from Catholic newspapers in Idaho with a few pertaining to American Indians.   


/5 “Catholic Church Records, MS 540"

Inclusive dates: undated

Volume: 1 drawing

Description: Box 1, Copy 7, Blueprints of Sacred Heart Mission, Lapwai, Idaho. 


/6 “Idaho Educational Public Broadcasting System/ History of Idaho Collection"

Inclusive dates: 1983, 1989 

Volume: 3 audiocassettes and 3 transcripts


A. OH 521: “Lawrence S. Aripa Interview,” 1989, 1 audiocassette (90 minutes) and transcript; re: includes Coeur d’Alene Indians and Catholicism, Coeur d’ Arlene Reservation, 1910s-1978

B. OH 1018: “Fr. Thomas Connolly [S.J.] Interview,” 1989, 1 audiocassette and 1 transcript (12 pages); re: Coeur d’Alene Indians and Catholicism, including Sacred Heart Missions, Cataldo and DeSmet, Idaho

C. OH 1839: “Lawrence S. Aripa Interview,” 1983, 1 audiocassette (55 minutes) and transcript; re: includes Coeur d’Alene Indians and Catholicism, Coeur d’ Arlene Reservation, 1930s-1983


/7 “Records of the Idaho Bicentennial Commission, AR 61” Inclusive dates: 1882-1976 Volume: Approximately 2 cubic feet Description: Re: Restoration of Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, by State of Idaho

A. Cataldo Mission Record Center Carton 1, #20015618, 1972-1976, 1 cubic foot; re:

1. Card file, 1972-1975; re: correspondence received and work activities

2. Correspondence, 1972-1976; re: restoration work

3. Invoices, 1974-1975 4. Personnel concerns, 1973-1975 5. Publicity, 1974-1976; includes photographs and news clippings

B. Cataldo Mission Record Center Carton 2, #20015619, 1882-1942, 19741975, undated, 1 cubic foot; re:

1. Architectural drawings, blueprints, sketches, undated

2. Invoices and samples (fabric and paint), 1974-1975

3. Photographs, 1882-1942, undated; re: mission, including Jesuits and Coeur d’Alene Indian burial house; copies from: Diocese of Boise, Boise, Idaho, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, Idaho Historical Society, Boise, Idaho, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana, Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, and unidentified sources

4. Photographs, undated; re: restoration work; black & white and color

5. Press releases, 1974

6. Tourist surveys, 1974

7. Work schedules, 1974


/8 “George F. Weibel Records, MF 0090” 

Inclusive dates: 1867-1964

Volume: 1 volume (36 pages)


A. Sacramental records (transcripts), St. Joseph Mission, Culdesac, Idaho, 1867-1893; baptisms, confirmations, and marriages

B. Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J., biography by Rev. Weibel, 1928; from autobiographical account dictated to Rev. O'Malley, 1905

C. Historical notes of St. Joseph Mission, Culdesac, Idaho


/9 “Coeur d’Alene Indian Picture Book, MS 2/1416”

Inclusive dates: undated (before 1897) 

Volume: .1 cubic foot (76 leaves) 

Description: Black and white photographs of drawings by Bazil (Coeur d’Alene), an associate of Rev. Pierre J. de Smet, S.J.; includes images of hearts, crosses, angelic figures, and a priest kneeling at prayer.  


/10 “Burial Register, MS 2/ 0356”

Inclusive dates: 1844-1845

Volume: 1 volume (6 entries) 

Description: Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, Idaho by Rev. Adrian Hoecken, S.J., and Rev. Nicholas Point, S.J. 


/11 “Records, MS 2/1076”

Inclusive dates: 1992

Volume: 1 program 

Description: 150th anniversary celebration of Sacred Heart Mission among the Coeur d’Alene Indians, Old Mission State Park, Cataldo, Idaho.   


Photograph Collections

/12 “Ann W. Dunkle Photograph Collection” 

Inclusive dates: Between ca. 1910-1925 

Volume: Few prints 

Description: Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, Idaho.  


/13 “General Photograph Collection—Coeur d’Alene Indians”   

Inclusive dates: 1853-present, undated 

Volume: 1 folder (several of 82 items) 

Description: Black and white prints and black and white sketch and color lithograph (some copies), re: Sacred Heart Mission, Jesuits, and Coeur d’Alene Indians. 


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives.