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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1768-1810 

Volume: Less than 1 cubic foot within 1 collection.

Description: “George A. Hill, Jr. Spanish Manuscript Collection, MC 101;” unprocessed letters, maps, and reports; re: Spanish Franciscan missions in California, Texas, and Mexico: 

A. “Letter from Visitor General José de Gálvez to Fray Junípero Serra, O.F.M., Accession No. 5785.1,” 7 October 1768; re: removal of bells from La Pasion and San Luis for shipped to “three new missions”

B. “Corografia. De las Misiones, que administrant los Misioneros del Colegio Apostolico de propaganda fide de la S. Cruz de Queretaro, el la Provincia de Sonora, con los Paises de las Naciones Gentiles, que tienen acia Norte, y Poniente, Accession no. 5785.2,” 24 July 1800: Map showing the locations of missions, visitas, and presidios

C. “Letter from Fray José Mendiola, O.F.M. to Fray Antonio Maria Bucareli y Ursúa, O.F.M., Accession no. 5785.3,” 1 August 1776: re: required report

D. “Letter from the Marquis of Croix to Fray Francisco Palou, O.F.M., Accession no. 5785.4,” 12 September 1771: re: arrival of missionaries in California and work of Padres Junípero Serra and Pedro Tages

E. “Letter from Fray Junípero Serra, O.F.M. regarding provisions” Accession No. 5785.5,” 9 June 1777: re: requested provisions used in the establishment of 3 missions: San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Juan Capistrano, California

F. “Expediente, “Accession No. 5785.8,” 1775-1776:

1. “Letter from the King of Spain,” 18 August 1775: re: requesting information on the number of religious personnel currently employed and number needed for the future at the missions within respective jurisdictions

2. “Letter from Antonio Bucareli y Ursúa to the Father of this Province of San Agustín,” 18 August 1775: re: requesting needed personnel, income of missions, convents and monasteries under supervision and number of personnel at each

3. “Letter from the Fathers at San Augustine Monastery, Mexico City [Fray Anotnio Luengo, Friar Joseph de Vega, Fray Nicol” as Antonio Ponze de León, Fray Nicolas Monleon] to Fray Antonio Maria Bucareli y Ursúa,” 16 September 1776: re: accompanying materials responding to the letter of 18 August 1775, including several papal bulls, cedula, and letters from the King

G. “Receipt to the Count of San Bartolome de Jala” [Accession no. 5785.7] 25 January 1782, 1 page: For donation to go to the Pious Fund for the California Missions

H. “Letter from Fray José Mendiola, O.F.M. to Fray Antonio María Bucareli y Ursúa” [Accession No. 5785-9], 1 August 1776, 6 pages: Report on the Province of San Diego regarding religious personnel, income, expenditures and order of service observed

I. “Letter from Joseph de Gálvez to Fray Junipero Serra, O.F.M.” [Accession no. 5785c], 11 October 1768, 2 pages: Reporting damage to the vessels Cinaloa and Laurentana and requesting assistance with providing repairs and updating on the availability of ornaments for the three new missions

J. “Letter from the Father Superior at San Augustine Monastery to ‘Most Excellent Sir’” [Accession no. 5785c], 23 September 1776, 9 pages: Reporting no need for additional religious personnel, acknowledgement of the receipt of papal bulletins, and advising of the status of missions in the province, including number of religious, receipts and expenditures

K. “Receipt to the Count of San Bartolome de Jala” [Accession no. 5785c] 16 December 1782, 1 page: For donation to go to the Pious Fund for the California Missions

L. “Letter from Sonora, Aranjuez to Fray Francisco Palou, O.F.M.” [Accession no. 5785c], 1 July 1786, 1 page: Acknowledging receipt of the report on the status of the California Missions and the letter indicating Fray Palou will be leaving San Carlos de Monterrey [Royal Presidio Chapel of San Carlos Borromeo (Monterey, California)] for rest at San Fernando College, Mexico

M. “Letter from the Count of Galvez to Fray Francisco Palou, O.F.M. and Letter from Fray Pasqual del Pilar, O.F.M. to ‘Most Excellent Sir’” [Accession no. 5785c], 27 October 1736 and 24 October 1799, 7 pages: Letter recommending the pay for missionaries traveling to Upper California and letter recommending location for founding missions at Pueblo Viejo, Paso del Forlon, Horcasitas and Llera

N. “Letter from Governing Audiencia to Fray Francisco Palou, O.F.M.” [Accession no. 5785c], 2 March 1787, 1 page: Regarding the observance of Article 15 and number of personnel at a mission

O. “Letter from Manuel Antonio Florez to Fray Fancisco Palou, O.F.M.” [Accession no. 5785c], 26 October 1787, 1 page: Request for documents missing from Fray Palou’s petition regarding the missions of Upper California

P. “Letter from Franciscans at Port of Nutka to ‘Right Reverend Father Superior’” [Accession no. 5785c], 13 July 1789, 3 pages: Report of missionaries arriving at Port of Nutka reporting on the port and conditions for founding a mission

Q. “Letter from Apostolic Seminary of Santa Cruz Queretaro to the Holy Metropolitan Church” [Accession no. 5785c], 24 July 1800, 2 pages: Regarding the plan to found missions that would promote a closer union between Upper and Lower California, New Mexico and Sonora and requesting funding for such purpose

R. “Letter from Fray Pasqual del Pilar, OF.M. to the Metropolitan Church” [Accession no. 5785c], 23 August 1800, 8 pages: Report on the founding of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Los Angeles, San José de Palmas and San Francisco de Palmitas and recommendations for additional missions

S. “Letter from Fray Ignacio Gentil, O.F.M. to ‘Most Illustrious Sir’” [Accession no. 5785c], 8 September 1800, 3 pages: Report on the founding of five missions in lower California, Mission San Pedro Martir and Mission Santa Catalina Martyr, plus recommendation for founding of another mission

T. “Letter from Fray Manuel de Baga, O.F.M. to Fray Pedro del Barco, O.F.M.” [Accession no. 9388], 20 February 1740, 12 pages: Description of the missions in the San Antonio River area, including statistics on conversions, deaths from disease, number being taught, languages and customs, difficulties of missionaries trying to convert Native Americans (e.g. Caddo, Coahuiltecan, Mestizos) and local geography; copied from volume 28 of the documents for the Ecclesiastical and Civil History of the Province of Texas, compiled by Fray Manuel de Bega, O.F.M.

U. “Document XL” [Accession No. 9389], 15 November 1767 – 13 October 1768, 166 pages: Diary of Fray Gaspar José de Solís, O.F.M. from his visit to the missions of the Province of Texas, including descriptions of the route, missions visited, geography, and information regarding Native American tribes (e.g. Apache, Caddo, Wichita); copied from volume 27 of the documents for the Ecclesiastical and Civil History of the Province of Texas, compiled by Fray Manuel de Bega, O.F.M.

V. “Letter from Barón de Ripperdá to Fray Antonio María Bucareli y Ursúa” [Accession No. 9390], 28 April 1772, 4 pages: Reporting the need to present annual gifts to Indians to maintain peace, advancing the presidios from the Mississippi to New Mexico, and enclosing a copy of a treaty with the Tauayas Indians at Natchitoches

W. “Copy of the peace treaty made with the Taouaizsés Indian…” [Accession No. 9391], 27 October 1771, 4 pages

X. “Affidavit from Barón de Ripperdá” [Accession No. 9392], 27 April 1772, 1 page: Affidavit certified the ratification of treaty with Taouayas Indians

Y. “Copy of Letter from Lieutenant Governor of Natchitoches to Governor General Luis de Urzaga” 1772, 2 pages: Copy of letter regarding peace terms offered by Apache Indians in Natchitoches and Adaes

Z. “Letter from Athanacio de Mézieres to Baron de Ripperda” [Accession No. 9394], 4 July 1772, 21 pages: Report on trip to attempt peace with 10 enemy tribes, position of the British on the Mississippi and the establishment of presidios

AA. “Royal Decree to the Viceroy of the Provinces of New Spain” [Accession No. 9978c], 1766-1770, 3 pages: Decree divides the peninsula of California between Franciscans and Dominicans except for missions already established

BB. “Letter from San Luis Potosi, Felix Calleja to Regente y Oidores de la Real Audiencia” [Accession No. 16503c], 28 June 1810, 3 pages: Reporting that Native Americans (e.g. Kickapoo) near Laredo were belligerent (“on the war path”) and that arms were being sent


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.