Series 1 Administrative Subject Files
Series 1.1 Administrative Subject Files(Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 2 Budget, Early Correspondence, Bulletin
Series 2.1 Budget, Early Correspondence, Bulletin (Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 3 Library Board
Series 4 Circulation Department
Series 4.1 Circulation Department (Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 5 Acquisitions Department
Series 6 Cataloging Department - Technical Services
Series 7 Staff and Professional Associations
Series 7.1 Staff and Professional Associations (Restricted:  Inventory in Archives)
Series 8 Reference Department
Series 8.1-JPT John Philip Talmage Papers (Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 9 Serials Department
Series 10 Library Science Course and University Concerns
Series 11 Special Collections and University Archives
Series 11.2-PR Phillip M. Runkel Papers
Series 13 Foundation Programs
Series 14 Interlibrary Loan Department
Series 15 Cujé Music Collection
Series 16 Collection Development/Management
Series 17 Sound Recordings, n.d.
Series 18 Science Library
Series 19 Website Snapshots
Series 20 DVDs
Series 21 Raynor Library Construction

Descriptive inventories of the collections are also available in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives.