Many underclassmen will return home for the summer to work, take summer classes and enjoy some downtime. While parents may have visions of “old times,” it’s important to realize that both the family and the student may be very different than they were nine months before.

During the past nine months, students have developed new friends, routines, habits, schedules, interests and viewpoints. They have been able to come and go as they please, study and socialize when and there they want, and explored hundreds of options for entertainment on Marquette’s vibrant campus in downtown Milwaukee.

Most parents and family members have gone through substantial changes the last nine months too. Perhaps you have gotten used to more free time and a quitter house, or are busier supporting younger children or new responsibilities at work. Siblings have settled into a new role in the family and likely have gotten used to more or different attention. 

Stephanie Quade, dean of students, shared insight and tips for parents to consider as they prepare to welcome their student home on The Morning Blend, a local morning talk show. Additional tips and insight are below.

Regardless of your student’s summer plans, this is a great time for students to reflect on successes and challenges of the past year and consider their goals for the future.  Here are some tips for helping your student make the most of their summer:

Before you know it, it will be August and your student will be heading back to Marquette.  In the meantime, we wish both you and your student a rejuvenating and restful summer!



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