Office of the Provost


Dr. Margaret Faut Callahan
Interim Provost

Dale Kaser
Special Assistant to the Provost

Ms. Kimberly A. Newman
Executive Administrative Assistant

Vice Provost /Vice President

Dr. Gary Meyer
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Teaching

Dr. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp
Vice President for Research and Innovation

Dr. Marya Leatherwood
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs


Dr. Kevin Gibson

Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Ms. Jean Burke
Interim Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Planning

Ms. Kathy Lang
Chief Information Officer


Associate Provosts

Dr. Linda Salchenberger
Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Budgeting

Dr. William Welburn
Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion



Senior Director

Ms. Sally Doyle
Senior Director for Academic Division Operations

Support Staff

Mrs. Melody Baker
Administrative Assistant (Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate School)

Ms. Phyllis J. McCullough
Administrative Assistant (Provost area)

Ms. Lori Montezon
Administrative Assistant (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Teaching)

Ms. Abigail Link
Office Associate (Office of Student Affairs)