Assessment Resources

This page contains tools and resources that are useful for assisting faculty and staff throughout the assessment process. The Office of Assessment at Marquette provides guidance, assistance, and technical expertise to ensure that intended student learning and development outcomes in all curricular and co-curricular programs are defined, aligned to educational and developmental experiences, measured, and most importantly, applied to efforts to innovate, improve, and maintain excellence in accordance with the Program and Institutional Level Student Learning Assessment Policies.

Below you will find information related to the assessment process, frequently asked questions, assessment workshops and more.


For any questions or concerns related to the assessment process or the office of assessment, please review the assessment FAQ's. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed in the FAQ's please feel free to contact us at 


The office of assessment conducts three different workshops detailing the implementation of the assessment process. To review the contents of these workshops please see the links below:

1. Aspirational Outcome - Workshop #1

2. Evidence Collection - Workshop #2

3. Experience Outcome Alignment & Planning for Change - Workshop #3

Assessment Activity Calendar

To review information related to assessment activities throughout the academic year, please review the annual assessment activity calendar

Assessment Process

The assessment process is made of three different steps: preparation, collection/interpretation, and change. For more information related to assessment engagement see the assessment process