The Dr. Stephanie Quade Alumni Award

Dr. Stephanie Quade with Kathy Burke

As part of the Burke Foundation's gratitude for Dr. Stephanie Quade for her 25 years of work with the program, the Dr. Stephanie Quade Burke Scholarship Alumni Award was announced at the Burke Scholarship 25th Anniversary Celebration in August 2019. This award will honor Burke Scholars who continue in the values and mission of the program after graduation. In spring of 2020, the honor was bestowed on an inaugural cohort of Burke alumni who have been keynote speakers at our past celebration events:

  • Wyatt Massey, Class of 2016
  • Pedro Hernandez, Class of 2014
  • Colleen O'Conor, Class of 2012
  • Kevin Muhs, Class of 2010
  • Nikki Hertel Meirose, Class of 2006
  • John Meuler, Class of 2004
  • Joyana Dvorak, Class of 2004
  • William Schmitt, Class of 2001
  • Abiola Keller, Class of 2001
  • Susan Reed, Class of 2000