Event submission guidelines

About the University Calendar

The Marquette University Calendar is a service of the Office of Marketing and Communication in partnership with Information Technology Services.

The University Calendar provides a central listing of events while also allowing campus partners to share events from college- or department-specific calendar feeds. Members of the campus community are encouraged to submit events for inclusion in the calendar. Please review the following information for important usage guidelines.

Submitting Events

Events may be submitted through the online event submission form. All events listed on the Marquette University Calendar must be sponsored by or affiliated with the university. Examples include programs hosted by schools or colleges, events associated with recognized student groups that are approved by the Office of Student Development or large public events at university venues. Events are reviewed, edited and added to the calendar at the discretion of the calendar administrator. For questions, contact Stacy Tuchel, marketing office associate in the Office of Marketing and Communication, at 414.288.7452.

Student-run Events

Registered student organizations must register their events with the Office of Student Development (unless the event is co-sponsored by an academic department, in which case that department is responsible for the oversight of the event). Once an event is approved, it can be submitted to the university calendar. Visit marquette.edu/mil to register your organization's event.

Who may submit events to the calendar?

  • You must be a member of the Marquette University community (student, faculty, staff) to submit an event to the calendar.

What events may be posted?

  • Events must be sponsored by or affiliated with the university, including but not limited to: university-sponsored lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events, academic deadlines and student-organized events approved by the Office of Student Affairs. This may include select off-campus events sponsored by Marquette University.
  • Events must be of broad interest to the overall campus community, a large segment of the campus community (e.g., all faculty, staff or students) or the general public.
  • Events may be open to the general public, the entire Marquette community or a large segment of the Marquette community. Since the general public can view the calendar, all submissions should specify who can attend the event.

What events may not be posted?

  • Events not sponsored by or affiliated with Marquette University
  • Student events not approved by the Office of Student Development
  • Personal events and solicitations
  • Events that are only open to, or of interest to, a narrow audience, such as a specific student club

Before submitting an event

Please have the following information available. Incomplete calendar submissions will result in a delay in publication.

  • Event name
  • Event date
  • Event location
  • Event time
  • Event cost (if applicable)
  • Event category(ies)
  • Event audience
  • Event registration information
  • Event website link (if applicable)

Typically, events will be posted to the Calendar site within 24 hours of submission, except for on weekends or university holidays. Editorial staff review submissions every day during regular hours of university operation. If an event does not appear to meet the calendar requirements, it will be deleted from the calendar submission queue and returned to the submitter for editing.

The calendar administrator may decline a submission request if:

  • The event does not conform to the guidelines above
  • The submission form is not properly completed
  • The requestor is not a Marquette faculty member, staff member or student
  • The request includes inappropriate or offensive content, including profanity; references to illegal activities; defamatory or harassing language aimed at an individual or group

Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar administrator.

If you need to change information associated with a submitted event (updates, cancellations, sell-outs) please email Stacy Tuchel, calendar administrator your requested updates.

Promoting the Marquette University Calendar on Department/College-specific Websites

The Marquette University Calendar feed can be displayed on college/department/institute/center websites to highlight events from their area. Areas wishing to take advantage of this benefit should contact Daria Kempka , digital marketing manager in the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Integration with the Marquette Today e-newsletter

In an effort to keep the Marquette Today e-newsletter – a twice-weekly e-newsletter to faculty, staff and students – concise, events submitted to Marquette Today that are better suited for the Marquette University Calendar will be published to the calendar rather than to Marquette Today. Marquette Today will be reserved for university-wide events and news updates, as determined by the Marquette Today editor and calendar administrators.

Linking to the Calendar

We welcome links to the calendar from other web sites, as long as the link is for educational or informational purposes, and does not imply endorsement by or affiliation with Marquette University.


The Marquette University Calendar has been designed to share information about events and happenings of interest to the Marquette community. Despite our best efforts, some information may be incorrect or incomplete. We regret any inconvenience caused as a result. If you notice an error, please contact the calendar administrator.

Contact Us

Contact the calendar administrator, Abby Cole, at 414.288.6195.

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