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As a teaching museum, we are committed to providing educational services for school children and helping educators implement innovative approaches to teaching and learning through art.


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The Haggerty Museum of Art is open to the public free of charge. Guided and self-guided tours for elementary, middle, and high school students are also available More information about the kinds of tours we offer, including the fee structure for guided tours, is available below.

Please email haggertym@marquette.edu if you would like to receive information about eligibility for guided tour scholarship options. Our programs are supported by generous donors.

In-person guided tours are approximately 50 minutes long. Guided tours can be scheduled for a maximum group size of sixty-five people Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. but must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance. Contact haggertym@marquette.edu to inquire about scheduling a guided tour for your group.

Guided tours for PreK through third grade groups require one chaperone for every five students. Guided tours for fourth through twelfth grade groups require one chaperone for every ten students.

  • Cost per Art Across Curriculum guided tour: $100 flat fee for a maximum group size of sixty-five people.
  • Cost per custom themed guided tour: $150 flat fee for a maximum group size of sixty-five people.

Self-guided museum visits—where groups explore the galleries on their own. The museum offers a menu of experiences and resources that will help your group make the most of their visit. Self-guided museum visits can be scheduled for groups of up to sixty-five participants and must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Please select your date & time preference through the online calendar however no self-guided tour is officially booked until you receive direct confirmation from a Haggerty staff member. Self-guided tours are free!

Self-guided visits for PreK through fifth grade groups require one chaperone for every four students. Self-guided visits for sixth through twelfth grade groups require one chaperone for every seven students.

Email haggertym@marquette.edu for more information. 

Art Across Curriculum 

Art Across Curriculum (AAC) programs are designed to both offer educators a menu of enrichment options, and to train university students studying education to integrate the visual arts into their classroom curricula. As a unit of Marquette University, The Haggerty Museum of Art fully embraces Ignatian Pedagogy (IP) in our teaching methods. IP is a practical teaching framework that creates opportunities for personal and cooperative study, discovery, creativity, and reflection to foster lifelong learners.

AAC program costs vary. Request a scholarship for your students here. Our programs are supported by generous donors.

To get the most from this program we encourage you to follow four simple steps.

Step 1: Select which AAC program theme you'd like to utilize with your students, then use the WAC or FoVA Educator Resource Guide in your classroom.

Water Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Chapter 1. What is Water (Pre-K–5th grade)

Chapter 2. The Water Cycle (Pre-K–5th grade)

Chapter 3. Water and Pollution (Pre-K–12th grade) 

Chapter 4. Water Properties (6th grade –12th grade) 

Focus on the Visual Arts (FoVA)

* All chapters are available for students Pre-K–12th grade

Chapter 1. What is art? 

Chapter 2. Who makes art? 

Chapter 3. Where does art belong?

Chapter 4. How has art changed throughout time? 

Chapter 5. Art Across the Curriculum: Art and Math

Chapter 6: Art Across the Curriculum: Language & Visual Arts

Step 2: Utilize WAC or FoVA chapter themed lesson plans and presentations in your classroom.

Step 3: Schedule a tour of the Haggerty Museum of Art here.

  • Cost per in-person Art Across Curriculum themed tour: $100 flat fee for a maximum group size of sixty-five people.
  • Cost per virtual Art Across Curriculum tour: $50 flat fee, no limit to group size.

Bus reimbursement available. Please email haggertym@marquette.edu if you would like to receive information about eligibility.

Step 4: Share the fun! Family Learning Activities allow students to share their learning with their families.  

Water Across the Curriculum (WAC)

In English: Water CycleWhat is Water? |Water Pollution | Water Properties

In Spanish: Ciclo de Agua¿Que es el agua?Contaminación del Agua| Propiedades del Agua

Focus on the Visual Arts (FoVA)

In English: What is art? | Who makes art? | Where does art belong? | How has art changed throughout time? | Art and Math (PreK – 5) | Art and Math (6 – 8) | Art and Math (9 – 12)

In Spanish: ¿Qué es el arte? | ¿Quién hace arte? | ¿En Dónde pertenece el arte? | ¿Cómo ha cambiado el arte con el paso del tiempo? | Matemáticas y Arte (PreK – 5) | Matemáticas y Arte (6 – 8) | Matemáticas y Arte (9 – 12) 

For more information, or to enroll your school, please start with an email to haggertym@marquette.edu.

For Children and Families

Download and enjoy the Haggerty Museum of Art Activity Book crayons

Interactive gallery guides for children are often created in conjunction with major exhibitions and are available for museum visitors. 

Art Across Curriculum Podcast Podcast header

Enjoy a limited-series podcast featuring artworks from our Focus on the Visual Arts and Water Across the Curriculum offerings. 

Explore past gallery guides:

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