How to Generate A Report

Accessing Your Account

Login to Faculty Success using the firtsname.lastname portion of your email address and your CheckMarq password.

Use the beginning of your Marquette email address (firstname.lastname) as your username, and your emarq/checkmarq password.


Reports Menu

Log in to the system.

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Main Menu.

To access reports, including the Faculty Activities Report, click on the “Reports” link at the top on your screen.


Running a Report

Step 1: Select the report you wish to run.

Step 2: Selecting Dates: This option allows you to restrict your report to only the date range you select. Enter a start date and end date. Note that start and end dates will default to the current year.

Step 3: Choose a file format for your report. This will default to the file format most appropriate for the report.

Step 4: Click "Run Report" in the top, right corner of the screen. A report will be generated for you. Note that once generated, the report file is no longer associated with Faculty Success, so any edits made to the report file will NOT be reflected in your Faculty Success account. If after running a report you determine that edits should be made to the information in the report, make the edits in your Faculty Success account and then rerun your report.


For information, please visit the Faculty Success informational site

Please contact with any questions.