Faculty Activities Database (FAD) Advisory Committee

The FAD Advisory Committee convenes regularly to evaluate issues including, but not limited, to:

  • New applications of the FAD
  • Procedures for submitting and requesting information to and from the FAD
  • Questions of fair use of the FAD
  • Any other issue related to faculty rights and interests in the context of the FAD

The FAD Advisory Committee is comprised of three faculty members, three administrators and three department chairs as well as representatives from the Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Research who serve in a non-voting ex-officio manner.






Katie Blank, Associate Archivist

Young Kim, Assistant Professor

Shelly Malin, Director

Raynor Memorial

Department of Strategic Communication

Health Systems Leadership Program

Department Chair

Arndt Guentsch, Chair and Associate Professor

Allison Hyngstrom, Chair and Associate Professor

Jim McGibany, Chair and Associate Professor

Surgical Sciences

Physical Therapy


College Administrator

Kati Berg, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research

Heather Hathaway, Associate Dean for Faculty & Graduate Affairs

Mark Federle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Diederich College of Communication

Klingler College of Arts & Sciences

Opus College of Engineering

Ex-Officio Support Staff

Heba Ali, Research Analyst

Laura MacBride, Associate Director of Institutional Research

Gary Meyer, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Office of Faculty Affairs


Please contact fad@marquette.edu with any questions.