Course Evaluation Confidentiality

Are my responses confidential? 

Be assured that individual student responses to course evaluations are confidential. Instructors will only have access to aggregated results from the evaluation and the submitted comments, NEVER individual responses. Names, ID numbers, usernames, or any other identifying information will never appear with the results of an evaluation.

The instructor cannot see individual responses nor can the instructor determine who submitted the comments (unless the student identifies him or herself in the comments). The instructor also does not know which students responded; the instructor only knows the number of responses and the total enrollment of the class.

Instructors NEVER see the results of the course evaluations until after all their final grades have been submitted to the registrar. Course evaluation results are not released until after all final grades for all classes have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar. At that point, instructors will have access to the aggregated results of their course evaluations as well as student comments 

Why do I need to log in if my responses are confidential?

Only students who are enrolled in a class should be eligible to evaluate it. Logging in guarantees that only those students enrolled in a given class will be able to evaluate the class. This also guarantees that a student will only evaluate a class once.