Interpretation of Results in MOCES

Within the MOCES system, instructors can view results for each class evaluated. Results include the numerical summary of each question in addition to student comments. The following explains how to interpret the statistics in the Evaluation Report within the MOCES system.

Instructions for accessing results in MOCES

The Evaluation Report is broken down by the question (Course or Instructor) and the question response set.  Within each group of questions, the evaluation report displays several statistics, which are described below. Neither the combined median of the four core university questions nor the benchmark statistics used in promotion and tenure dossiers are not included in the online evaluation report; however, full-time faculty can view this in Faculty Success by running the Instructor Profile report.

Description of Statistics in Evaluation Reports 



Responses (%)

For each level of the response, this is the percent of the respondents who selected the response.  A respondent can only select one response for each question.  Look below the group of questions for an explanation of the response levels. 

Grp. Med.

The group median is the value on the response scale that divides the responses in half.  An adjustment is made to the median to account for the categorical nature of the data. Because course evaluation results tend to be strongly skewed (most responses are on the high end of the scale and trail off at the low end), the median tends to be a better measure than the mean.

To interpret the median, compare the value of each median to the respective response scale. For example, a median of 5.1 on the core items means that the median rating is a little above "very good". 

Response scales for core items:

- How was this class as a whole?

- How was the content of this class?

- How was the instructor's contribution to this class?

- How effective was the instructor in this class?

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Very Poor
6 5 4 3 2 1

Response scale for the agreement items:

Strongly agree Agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
6 5 4 3 2 1


Number of respondents 


The mean is the sum of the response levels divided by the number of respondents.  See the Grp. Med explanation for details on the response scales used in each item.

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