OIRA Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals


OIRA connects Marquette University stakeholders with accurate, reliable, and actionable information to enable effective decision making in support of student success.


OIRA will be Marquette’s recognized source of and connection to accessible and innovative analytics, providing leadership and education to enhance the capacity of stakeholders to effectively utilize information in making proactive, data-informed decisions.

Strategic Goals

  • Leverage information technology and advanced analytics to enhance stakeholders’ self-service capabilities and IR staff’s capacity to proactively provide actionable information to the appropriate stakeholders.

  • Strengthen data literacy to ensure stakeholders’ appropriate and effective use of available data resources.

  • Assist in the development and support of policies and procedures to define, protect, govern, and effectively utilize the University’s data assets.

  • Promote innovation, leadership and advanced technical skills through a culture of professional excellence and personal growth.