Conducting Online Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis offers several resources to assist the campus community in conducing online surveys. Before getting started on a survey project, please review these resources carefully. 

Online Survey Policy

Marquette University has a policy for conducting online surveys that helps minimize the occurrence of survey fatigue, improve the integrity of Marquette data and communication, reduce oversampling Marquette students, employees and alumni and increase survey response rates. The Online Survey Review Group at Marquette reviews and schedules online surveys conducted with Marquette students, employees, or alumni in accordance with the UPP-1-22: Online Survey Policy. Please visit the Online Survey Review Group website for more information or to submit a request. 


Qualtrics is a web-based tool used for creating and conducting online surveys and forms. Marquette's enterprise license allows any Marquette faculty, staff or student to use the tool to administer surveys. Qualtrics is for academic teaching or research purposes only and explicitly excludes any use of Qualtrics for commercial purposes. Qualtrics may not be assigned to or used by any commercial entity or user.

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Before You Start

Before beginning a survey project in Qualtrics, OIRA recommends considering the following:

Creating Surveys in Qualtrics

Qualtrics has a number of online resources for creating surveys. The resources outlined below are those that OIRA has found helpful when creating surveys for the first time. 

  • Qualtrics 101: a step-by-step guide for accessing Qualtrics resources related to: survey/project creation, survey tabs, survey testing/previewing, data and reports, and a list of other handy things to know.
  • Collaborating on a Qualtrics projectIf you would like to share a Qualtrics project with a Marquette student, faculty, or staff member who has not previously logged in to Marquette’s Qualtrics, please have them first log in to Qualtrics so that an account is created for them. Then, search for their Marquette username when sharing your project.

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire design is the process of developing the organization and questions in a survey instrument to measure the phenomenon of interest. It's a lot harder than it looks. Here are some resources from Qualtrics to help you develop a great questionnaire.


Qualtrics is an ideal tool for feedback forms and more basic inquiry forms. 

Creating a Form in Qualtrics

The process of creating a form in Qualtrics is similar to creating a survey. Use the Qualtrics 101 resource below to get started.

  • Qualtrics 101: a step-by-step guide for accessing Qualtrics resources related to: survey/project creation, survey tabs, survey testing/previewing, data and reports, and a list of other handy things to know.

Frequently Used Features in Qualtrics Forms

  • Email notifications: The Email Task feature allows you to send an email notification to someone when a survey response is completed and/or specified conditions are met. You can use Email Tasks for a variety of cases, such as sending a notification to the project owner when someone responds to a survey or sending your respondents a record of events they signed up for.
  • File Uploads: Qualtrics has a File Uploads feature that allows respondents to upload documents to your form or survey. Respondents can upload a file, like a resume or letter of recommendation, along with their response.


Qualtrics and the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis offer resources and training related to the use of Qualtrics. If you need help with Qualtrics, please review the resources below.


Qualtrics provides technical support to all Marquette Qualtrics users via chat, phone, or email. You will need to log in to Qualtrics Support to submit a help ticket. Follow the instructions below to log in. Qualtrics Support is available 24/7.


  • Click the Qualtrics support link and select "Sign on with SSO"
  • Enter "marquette" as the Organization ID
  • Enter your Marquette username and password


Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Qualtrics 101: Introduction to Qualtrics training videos recorded by OIRA are available below. You will be prompted to login with your Marquette credentials before accessing the trainings. (To login and view the training videos, please do the following. Click the dropdown arrow on the "Panopto" text box and select "MU Email" option. Once that option is selected, you should then login with your MU credentials.)


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